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Old 2004-10-22, 18:34   Link #1
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Join Date: Feb 2004
Location: USA
Uploading Difficulties

I seem to be experiencing a problem with my latest Bit Torrent, Bittornado T-0.3.7, wxWindows, dated May25, 2004. My problem is twofold, one upload and one download (I know, maybe this should be 2 posts, please be kind ^_^). My download problem is that I can get nothing if there are no peers, I can have 20 seeds, and if no peers are recognized by my BT, I slowly drop to 0.0 download rate. Note that the torrent I am tring to download shows anywhere up to 300+ peers, and almost the same in seeds. The upload problem is that even with peers waiting, when I try to upload, my upload rate quickly drops to zero, or never even starts. I am behind my own router/firewall, but that had never caused this difficulty in the past. I mainly upgraded (?) to this version of BT because several sites I visited banned or rejected the version I use to use. Any ideas on the solution? I will say I do not want to try to turn off my firewall (a Lynksys BEFSR41 broadband DSL router/firewall. Is the easy solution to fall back to a different BT version? Thanks for listening. ^_^

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Old 2004-10-22, 18:54   Link #2
Join Date: Apr 2004
Location: Ontario, Canada
Age: 26
Hrmm... i think there are two solutions to this problem.

Either, you stick with the current client you have, read the FAQ's at the site, and find out what ports to forward on your router.


You switch to Azureus.

Which is the better choice? I would take Azureus any day!
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Old 2004-10-25, 09:00   Link #3
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route (TCP) ports 6881 - 6999 to your computer =P
and Azureus == java == teh suck
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