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Old 2003-12-10, 17:26   Link #1
Join Date: May 2003
seeding question

I am trying to download One Piece 1-10 batch. On the website, it shows that 39 people are seeding it and 200 people downloading, but when I look at my download ... it is at 0kbps but upload is around 10 - 15kbps. How does this seeding really work? I figure with 39 people, my download should be around 3-4kbps.

someone care to explain?
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Old 2003-12-10, 17:42   Link #2
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Assuming worst case scenario: anyone who isn't a seed has none of the file yet.
For arguments sake, lets assume those 39 seeing peers are each allowing the default 4 clients to connect to them at a given moment and their upload capacity limited only by their available bandwidth.

39 clients @ 4 connections each means that there are 158 "slots" available from which you can get the file. If there are 200 peers not seeing; at least 42 of them will not be connected to any of the seeds. Chances are many of the peers are connected to more than one seed; meaning more peers are likely to be unable to connect to any of the seeds. This situation will change over time as each seeds allows a different set of peers to download from it. It is possible to be very unlucky and not get any of the file for a long time; but the chance of this happening -- with 39 seeds and the ever increasing number of non-seed peers that have available file parts -- is very small.

(Edit: It is also possible (perhaps as it is in your case); to get a few chunks of the file and then not get any for a long period because the only clients with those pieces are already connected to other peers... during which time you are still uploading to other people)

Ok that is a grossly simplified example; but it should explain why it is possible have a download speed of 0kpbs when there are 39 peers seeding.
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Old 2003-12-10, 18:24   Link #3
Join Date: May 2003
nightwish, thanks for your reply.
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