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Old 2011-12-02, 02:24   Link #1
flying ^
Senior Member
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The most extravagant anime swag you've ever encountered...

... I gotta say Cardcaptor Sakura on Bluray!

I even saw one going as high as $5,000 on

each episode must be really worth watching if the price is really that high
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Old 2011-12-02, 03:21   Link #2
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Animation cels. Those things should really be high priced at this point. I saw one of 1990's Belldandy for $5000. And that was... 8 years ago.
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Old 2011-12-02, 04:03   Link #3
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There's a shop here with priceless antique Tetsuwan Atom/ Astroboy, Mazinger and other mecha figures.
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Old 2011-12-02, 04:06   Link #4
The Comet is Coming
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I don't know about prices, but I've seen a rather large Space Battleship Yamato collection and know of a few more just as large or larger.
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Old 2011-12-02, 04:10   Link #5
Ichihara Asako
Join Date: Oct 2007 was a recent "WTF?" posting on MFC. It's a great price.
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Old 2011-12-02, 15:14   Link #6
Akuma Kinomoto
木之本 悪魔
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...I haven't the faintest idea what this topic is supposed to be about.

Well my Kashimashi complete collection DVDs were $14.99. 'Tis a steal considering Madoka goes at, what, $29.98 a volume?!

Well at least it gets an R1...*coughbakemonocough.*
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