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Old 2012-04-02, 19:45   Link #221
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I don't think characters from the 80's were attractive at all, really. Some of the art was really pretty in the way it was drawn, but I didn't find them necessarily attractive. They usually had very pointy, elongated faces, smaller eyes, and really bulky/thick hair. I perfer the characters today with the bigger eyes, chubbier (but cuter!) looking faces, and thin and flowing hair. <3
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Old 2012-04-02, 20:49   Link #222
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In reply to the first post.

I'd always go for the newer ones.
Sure, the 80's had a classic look to them but for me it's only for nostalgia purposes. I can't imagine my current favourite series Idolm@ster and Madoka Magica having those "classic" character designs.
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Old 2014-08-25, 07:15   Link #223
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Current as in the most recent animes? Then yes. I personally cannot stand this trend of anime looking like eroge, visual novels etc with the character designs. I also can't stand the ones with so many female characters and as far as character designs are concerned the only way to differentiate with them is hairstyle. Also not into the trend of loli and super moe character designs. But I must say I hate mullets but that's not attributable to all 80s anime as are the trends I mentioned regarding current anime
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Old 2014-08-30, 02:58   Link #224
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80s easily, rounded and more naturally cute and handsome.

Design templates are rehashed althroughout the eras but those older designs are just easier to empathise with than the excessively stylized and unnatural shapes that characters are now.

Mainly in terms of faces.

Tons of exceptions though, depends on the artist.
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