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Unleashing the Homu-Rage
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119's Fanfic Thread

This is a thread to read discuss the various random fanfics and other fanworks of SPARTAN 119. Please keep any criticism constructive.

Descent Into Chaos
Higurashi/Condemned (video game series) crossover

Twenty-five years after Hinamizawa, cured of the syndrome, Keiichi Maebara and Rena Ryuguu, are now married and have left Hinamizawa for major city in the United States. They escaped one nightmare... to discover another. Complete, possible upcoming sequel. 12 chapters.

Takes place in "modifed Matsuribayashi-hen" alternate universe where the the
Spoiler for Higurashi spoilers:

Link to fic on

Another Journey Into Darkness
Another/Eternal Darkness
Kyouichi and Mei are attacked by the "extra" and forced to fight their way through a horde of nightmarish creatures to uncover the mystery behind the horrors behind Yomiyama... and just to live to see another day. AU diverging after Episode 10. Incomplete, 1 chapter uploaded.

This is the one I'm more interested in reviews of. I tried to make the characters somewhat in character, but the series doesn't have any sort of indication what would happen if Mei in particular, were forced into a situation featuring a number of action scenes (fighting zombies and other minions of an ancient evil)

Thus, I have given both of them a sort of grim determination to keep going, and done my best to retain Mei's kuudere character (giving her rather terse lines, with a sort of "mysterious" air about her. I also made Mei somewhat resourceful,
Spoiler for Indirect Another (ep. 10+) spoilers, fanfic spoilers:
As for Sakakibara, I think some of my personality might have leaked into some of his comments. In summary, I will not lie. I think I am better at writing action scenes then dialogue or characterization.

Link to fic on
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