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Post Bittorrent ver?

hmm i was wondering what ver of bittorrent that their on.. i mean i went to the website and they had ver 3.3....

then theres the experimental ver 3.2.1

and then theres the shadow ver of it which is on ver 5.8.7...does anyone know about the beta 4 ver 5 of it? cause i dled it off a webbie and like when i installed it, it was in a different language and my windows couldnt read.. though it did look really nice with the icons and stuff.. from what i could make out.. it had an extra total bandwidth counter and total mb counter and some other things that i dun remember.. and the port counter max was lowered from 99999 to 9999.. so now i cant set the ports from 1-65535. o well..

someone help me... i have 5.8.7.. seems ok.. but i just wanna see the beta 4 ver.5 of it... if anyone has it.. PM me the webbie plz...

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Originally Posted by Liddo
hmm i was wondering what ver of bittorrent that their on.. i mean i went to the website and they had ver 3.3....
There are many forks of the original client. The original client is at version 3.3, the experimental branch is at 3.2.1b, and theshad0w's version is at S-5.8.7. theshad0w is working on version 6 currently (according to its web page), I don't know when it'll be ready, though.
And yes, there are other BT clients than those I listed, of which all are not a fork of the original client.

I couldn't make any sense of the rest of your post, so I just answered that part.

(actually, any browser is fine to me as long as it doesn't use IE's rendering engine...)
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