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Old 2012-07-02, 10:20   Link #41
Akito Kinomoto
木之本 慊人
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Originally Posted by Marcus H. View Post
The Reputation System exists like our appendix. Doesn't do much, and is often ignored by many, but it has a chance to cause serious effects and must be removed if said scenario happens.
I thought it was closer to a toilet. You take it for granted until it can't function anymore because it's full of shit.
My MALLet's do a head count here. We've got a ruthless spearman, a girl with a thousand muskets, a near-psycho fighting for love, and a deity who lives up to her status. You've managed to piss them all off. When they come, and they will, they're coming for you

/人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\ I have an army

We have a Goddess
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Old 2012-07-02, 14:27   Link #42
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I think that we've all said everything that we can on this topic so I'll close it.

If anyone has a good reason why this topic needs to be re-opened, let a member of the moderation team know.
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