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Old 2012-06-08, 20:47   Link #641
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Originally Posted by Vicious View Post
also about dragon, he's also revealed to be luffy's father, and ace is the son of gold roger, and buggy was an appentice on gold roger's ship
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Old 2012-07-05, 15:58   Link #642
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Usually I don't like to talk bout silly power lvl comparisons, but with the latest reveals of Dofla, we can consider him almost as powerful/influential as a Yonkou:

-He has pirate-allies/underlings just like a Yonkou (though IMO not as many allies as a Yonkou)
-His shichi title lets him do as he pleases without being disturbed by the marines.
-He is one of the few individuals who came out of the war completely unhurt (with Mihawk and Hancock).
-He has underlings in high places (Vergo) in the Government, and it is likely that Vergo isn't even his most powerful follower (as to how powerful Vergo is, I would say he is significantly more powerful than Law, which also places him above Smoker and Luffy)
-And what gives him the edge over a Yonkou is the fact that he has connections to people in the upper echelons of the WG. His influence in the World government is substantial (as alluded to in this chapter).

I'd say that Dofla might not be as strong physically as a Yonkou (though he is highly likely to have a powerful haki), but his political power and influence can match up to a Yonkou's.

Personally I'd like to see a match up between Mihawk and Doflamingo, who are the two most powerful shichibukai in my eyes.
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Old 2012-07-06, 17:59   Link #643
Blackbeard D. Kuma
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^ Actually, Doflamingo did have a scratch on his face at the end of the war (near the end of chapter 580). But then again, it's not like he was fighting seriously.

I agree with you on all other accounts. In terms of fighting strength, I'd place him on par with Marco and Jozu, both of whom I consider to be slightly below the admirals. And even though I consider him to be the second strongest warlord, I view him as the most dangerous one overall.
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Old 2012-07-07, 09:54   Link #644
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Yes, a few of us already pointed out in the 673 thread that Dofla seems to have about as much power/influence as the emperors. I mean, providing slaves to the world nobles, gaining inside info on the pacifista technology, having one of his own men work as a mole within the marines (who's even a freaking VA at that)..... man, Dofla's seriously one scary dude. I admit that I am mighty curious as to just how far amongst the WG's upper echelon Dofla's influence has managed to reach.....
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Old 2012-07-08, 08:20   Link #645
ronin myael
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we don't really know much about doflamingo but he strikes me as the psychotic and bloodthirsty type. i would love for him to turn into a major villain in the series. one thing i like about the op villains is that none of them are two-dimensional. their motivations vary as well. i wonder what a guy, who dresses like a bird and took on the name of a bird, is capable of ability-wise? does he have a DF? he most likely has one. but what? damn, i so want to see this guy in action!
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Old 2012-11-20, 19:08   Link #646
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Possible connection between Doflamingo and Mihawk? See the wristbands..or is it just a coincidence?
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