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Old 2012-07-28, 08:25   Link #1
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Hyouka - Episode 15 Discussion / Poll

Welcome to the discussion thread for Hyouka, Episode 15.

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Old 2012-07-29, 13:48   Link #2
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Spoiler for Episode 15 of Hyouka:
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Old 2012-07-29, 15:06   Link #3
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Episode 15
Chitanda fails in using Irisu-sempai skill and Irisu shows up.
Mystery deepens and Oreki doesn't want to get involve with it.
Mayaka continues with her manga-club problem.
Fukube wants to catch the culprit without Oreki's help.

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Old 2012-07-29, 15:40   Link #4
Dr. Casey
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Originally Posted by margafred View Post
Spoiler for Episode 15 of Hyouka:
I think I might have to give the episode a 10/10 for this alone.

I do have to wonder how the series is going to conclude, or if there might be a second season or something... the series is rather close to the end, but the story hasn't really been winding down to a resolution, there's a lot of plot threads still dangling, and there's still lots of room for character development.
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Old 2012-07-29, 19:23   Link #5
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Originally Posted by tsunade666 View Post
Episode 15
Chitanda fails in using Irisu-sempai skill and Irisu shows up.
Mystery deepens and Oreki doesn't want to get involve with it.
Mayaka continues with her manga-club problem.
Fukube wants to catch the culprit without Oreki's help.
Thank Haruhi for that. If she had managed to master Irisu-senpai techniques she would have been unstoppable by any man (and even woman I reckon!)

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Old 2012-07-29, 20:23   Link #6
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I really have to say this: Ayako, Mayaka's senpai in the manga club, seems to suffer from severe mood swings. She keeps going from defending to attacking Mayaka. I realize it's more complicated than that, but it's still quite funny.

I'm glad they're starting to focus on Satoshi and his hidden jealousy of Oreki's talents. We can all relate to trying our hardest at something, only to have someone else come along and do it better and quicker without even breaking a sweat. It's an agonizing feeling. What's ironic is that--despite what her true intentions were--this is the type of situation Irisu was describing when she talked to Oreki in the tea room.
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Old 2012-07-29, 20:36   Link #7
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Well I guess this episode proves that Irisu's methods aren't suitable for Chitanda. It's eye hypnotism or nothing for her . That and it really seems most effective on Houtarou who has almost no resistance to it. Pretty much she gets started on being curious and he already has given up on not solving the mystery.

An episode that was rough on most of the club though. Chitanda is getting exhausted. Good thing she had some fun on the first day since she's spent most of this running around asking for favors. Really running herself into the ground.

Mayaka is just getting run into the ground from within her own club. At least the president is finally looking more human here. Seems like there is a mini-mystery to solve within that club. But right now Mayaka is just getting run down by stupid jerks. Hopefully she can bounce back a bit.

Getting some more seriousness from Satoshi again. While he played off the competition with that other guy he is really serious about catching the thief. Unfortunately he presumed the theft would occur during the show and frankly why would the thief take that much risk? You could see before the show began that the candle was missing so anyone could have stolen it between the last show and that one. I really didn't notice the missing candle though. Does seem like we're seeing that bit of jealousy at Houtarou's ability and trying to prove himself here in a situation where you have to catch the thief and not just figure out who he is.

Not too bad for Houtarou other than Mayaka throwing that mirror at him (and thus his trading game continues) . Clearly he wasn't enthused when Irisu was brought into the conversation, now that's clearly someone he'd enjoy never encountering again during his life. But you can still see the resistance after that encounter since he doesn't want to play the detective. Already got roped into that once and doesn't want to go there. Though he was trying to figure things out.

Enjoyed the purely fun episode last week, but an episode for character development isn't bad either.
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Old 2012-07-29, 20:58   Link #8
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Well, last arc focused on Houtarou, so it makes sense that the other three would get focused on for this arc. And what an arc it is. The mystery is worked in much better than I thought it would have been. Hyouka is now officially the second KyoAni show I love (first one is CLANNAD. And keep in mind I haven't watch the FMP anime).

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Old 2012-07-29, 21:36   Link #9
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Great character development, now are getting to see the effects of what Irisu said to Oreki, on Satoshi.

Better than last week's because of that and the existence of an actual mystery invesigation/deduction.
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Old 2012-07-29, 22:20   Link #10
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While no longer fun and games, i was still pleased with how Satoshi is being shown more light. I'd definitely would love to see them tie up this aspect of him. Same with Mayaka and Kouchi's interaction. So it seems Kouchi had known the manga to begin with.

Spoiler for Speculation about Kouchi's reaction to the manga and the bitches who were trashing it:

Oh and one this episode was well made. Movements were livelier than usual.

Spoiler for Oh this was pretty hilarious frame as well.:

I'd say this was the best scene for me.

That eye truly is scary. If I were doing some fanarts I'd certainly make a crossover between Eru and Dio Brando.
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Old 2012-07-29, 22:43   Link #11
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Mayaka picking up hints about Oreki and Chitanda... Damnit should have push for more

Originally Posted by FlareKnight View Post
. Clearly he wasn't enthused when Irisu was brought into the conversation, now that's clearly someone he'd enjoy never encountering again during his life.

The newspaper 'smoker' sempai had that same subtle reaction when hearing Oreki's name

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Old 2012-07-29, 23:19   Link #12
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Magic club, fortune telling club... that school sure encourages pointless hobbies.
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Old 2012-07-29, 23:43   Link #13
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Originally Posted by Chaos2Frozen View Post
The newspaper 'smoker' sempai had that same subtle reaction when hearing Oreki's name
Haha yeah, there are just some people in the world you never want to deal with twice .
Originally Posted by king12354 View Post
Magic club, fortune telling club... that school sure encourages pointless hobbies.
Not sure why those two stand out as any more pointless than any other. Magic is a pretty common hobby and even a career for some.
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Old 2012-07-30, 04:21   Link #14
sky black swordman
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Originally Posted by Chaos2Frozen View Post
Mayaka picking up hints about Oreki and Chitanda... Damnit should have push for more

The newspaper 'smoker' sempai had that same subtle reaction when hearing Oreki's name
I wish she did too. At least she something then just laugh.

To him Oreki is a Taboo name.

This has became more intesrting with Satoshi's jealousy of Oreki. I saw a small glimpse of it in Ep 9 I think.
And I think at the end you see a sign of frustration from Satoshi .
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Old 2012-07-30, 05:47   Link #15
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While I agree that one can say Satoshi is "jealous" of Houtarou's ability, I think it's more complicated than that. He did not say he want to beat Houtarou on figuring out the mystery, he want to beat him in "solving" the case. It's kind of like a detective and a police in a mystery novel I think. We usually see the police got frustrated by having to follow whatever the detective deduced to catch the culprit. However, the police could and usually tried to solve the case by just catching the culprit. After all, it didn't matter if they could figure out who and how they committed the crime or not as long as they caught the right person. They can just ask them afterward. In this case, as Satoshi said at the end, it's practically impossible to figure out who is Juumoji. It's much easier to catch them in the act. Being a database, this is his forte, he believe. He is not trying to be a better detective. He is trying to be a police that beat the detective by catching the culprit even before the mystery is figured out.

On the episode itself, I think this is great. This is back to what Hyouka is: a mystery. There are three scenes that I especially like.

First is when Houtarou pointed out the pattern. I like the "dynamic" of the scene when Satoshi and Mayaka immediately applied their knowledge and skill to figure out more info.

The second one is when Mayaka asks Houtarou what he think of a story that goes "I just want to kill according to ABC's,"
Spoiler for A little spoiler for The A.B.C. Murders:

Looking at Mayaka's reaction, I think she realize once again that Houtarou is really good at this. Of course when she pushed him for a reason why he want to solve it and his respond is because Eru is not someone he can ignore, that's a great scene as well.

The third one is when Eru decide against asking Toogaito once more to make sure he write about the Classic Club. Now that is her style. She choose to trust people. Going by how much the classic club was mentioned, we can't say it give her a great result. However, unlike Houtarou who blackmail him and get a raised eyebrow from Toogaito just by mentioning him or Irisu who lie to him and get an unpleasant face from Houtarou just by mentioning her, Eru's relationship with Toogaito is intacted or even improve.

Other things worth mentioning is Houtarou's trading is still continue. I wonder how this will end and if it will converge with the Juumoji case or Mayaka's situation in the Manga club. Also, what did Satoshi figured out about Irisu at the magic show?

Can't wait for the next episode.
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Old 2012-07-30, 06:59   Link #16
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I'm just gonna go out on a limb an say Houtarou's sister is behind it all and that she can claim she's already stolen something from the Classics club: The pen.

Can't imagine a motive though.
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Old 2012-07-30, 07:25   Link #17
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Even if we're finally back to whole mystery-solving schtick, there were just so many things here for me to sink my teeth into on the side.

I really like that this arc is drawing the focus away from Houtarou to shed some light on the other three members. Mayaka's subplot is particularly engaging since I can't shake off the feeling that "A Corpse By Evening" holds some significance to the arc's main mystery. That, and I have to sympathize with her a bit for playing the difficult role of the devil's advocate in the Manga Club.

On the other hand, Satoshi, himself, doesn't disappoint in this episode. We're finally getting a deeper look at his issues. From what I saw, it seems that he has something of an inferiority complex towards Houtarou's "talent", if you want to call it that. If that truly was the case, it would somewhat ironic given that Houtarou also suffers from a similar inferiority complex towards the rest of them, albeit dealing with it in a different way.

Right now, Eru is turning out into the most opaque of the Classics Club members now, or perhaps her simplicity just eludes further scrutiny. At the very least, it's looking like serving as a liaison between the Classics Club and the other clubs is putting a good deal of stress on her. Still, watching her fail in applying Irisu's advice so spectacularly was a sight to enjoy in itself.

For the mystery, it really does seem really trivial on the surface, so I do hope it has a good enough explanation to connect and justify the seemingly insignificant incidents of theft.
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Annnnd we are back to being mundane mystery centric Hyouka for this week. Ah well, the last 3 eps were really awesome while it lasted. Not saying this ep was bad, but I will be lying if I said I eagerly interested. The character interactions are as good as ever, but I seriously can't get into the mystery side of things.

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I really like how the series is starting to develop the characters. That it also didn't involve actual mysteries in a few episode was also very nice. I hope this keeps up!
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Juumonji's messages keep appearing throughout the cultural festival.
There's a whole bunch of things missing as well.
Now that is a case worthy of Oreki.
Interesting how their club was getting the most unusual promotion.
Chitanda was as pushy as always to promote the club ^^"
Sometimes I think she's overdoing it.
Guess this case goes on..
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