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Old 2012-08-11, 09:25   Link #1041
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Originally Posted by Blaat View Post
The double standard kind of bothers me, apparently there is a tvtrope of it Double Standard Rape Female On Male or is it Double Standard Rape Male On Male
If something like that happened to the guy (his girl being switched), he could stop right away. If it happened to the girl, it would be up to the guy (a stranger) to stop. That's why it seems more rapeish.

Originally Posted by SPARTAN 119 View Post
Heartseed probably wasn't responsible for Yui's trauma, but you bring up a point that he is not completely without a concept of morality like Kyubey, for instance, he said he would not do something like what he did on episode 6 again.
Of course Heartseed didn't rape Yui in the story, but I like to have fun with the possibilities.
I don't think Heartseed is a bad guy. Sure, he likes to mess with people's lives, but he wouldn't do any lasting damage. You could compare him to someone who likes reading about hardships and suffering of characters as long as they come out of it okay and overcome their problems.

Originally Posted by Lantern View Post
I hope your hat(s) taste good
Hah, you guys have been tricked. I DON'T HAVE A HAT!
It's a win-win situation for me.
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Old 2012-08-11, 09:28   Link #1042
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Originally Posted by Blonto View Post
Hah, you guys have been tricked. I DON'T HAVE A HAT!
It's a win-win situation for me.

Originally Posted by Chaos2Frozen View Post
I'll take you up on that

In fact, I'll prepare a nice German helmet for the occasion Or would you prefer a Viking helm?
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Old 2012-08-11, 09:59   Link #1043
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judging from the preview screencap...inaba is like somekind of trance? is it possible that heartseed trying somekind of new experiment..?

out with the body swapping in with the whatever it is he's planning now...judging from the pic maybe related to deep dark desire? and maybe amplify it many fold?

inaba do like taichi a bit and if that is amplified and the restriction released taichi will be raped considering inaba straight forward persona
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Old 2012-08-11, 11:16   Link #1044
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This is gonna be good.
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Old 2012-08-11, 11:17   Link #1045
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Eroking is gonna have a nosebleed
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Old 2012-08-11, 11:28   Link #1046
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KokoCo 06 - Caller Id

Once again, I'm not much of a shipping person. But Heartseed's latest plan to screw with everyone (I'm beginning to suspect that he and the rock from Natsuiro Kiseki are overseen by the same force) is interesting, especially for a country with social mores like Japan. If this story was taking place in America, that would mostly be considered normal, but here... the implications have already shown themselves. Yui got her confidence, but a little too much confidence, and at the wrong time. Given that they don't seem to have any memories of what happened while their id takes over, Taichi's self-restraint at the start of the episode was a good thing, and probably closer to what most people would actually do, rather than what they say they want to do.

I also like that every arc gets its own ending theme. This explains why they're not being released on a CD - they come with the video of that arc, and, of course, give more incentive to buy them. Like the Monogatari series.
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Old 2012-08-11, 11:30   Link #1047
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huhuhu, it was a good episode.
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Old 2012-08-11, 12:00   Link #1048
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i'm not so sure about this one. i'm currently not enjoying it as much as the body switching, but this is only the first ep of the new arc so i'll see.

what i'm clearly disapointed into at the moment is the ending sound. the first one was SO much better and gave so much more impact to the preview

i also didn't realy like the "keep the status quo" crap, why did i see it comming from miles away ? -_- listen to inaban, unlesh your thought and avoid stress building up, and let the fan enjoy watching it
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Old 2012-08-11, 12:04   Link #1049
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Nagase and Taichi finally confessed to each other.
About time that happened too.
Inaba's sudden lewd behavior and Yui's super strength were just wtf.
Something weird was going on. Well, weirder than usual.
Seems like their unusual behavior is getting them into trouble pretty easily.
Heartseed's explanation helped to clear things up a bit.
Really interesting episode.

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Old 2012-08-11, 12:09   Link #1050
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Originally Posted by bastek66 View Post
This is gonna be good.
Originally Posted by Pocari_Sweat View Post
Eroking is gonna have a nosebleed

Ahahahaha no kidding, that scene took me by complete surprise. Having your desires unleashed? Inaba is The Ero Queen!
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Old 2012-08-11, 12:10   Link #1051
Uruchai Uruchai Uruchai
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I guess Inaba will be acting out her desires in ways she has mentioned before (ep4)
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Old 2012-08-11, 12:24   Link #1052
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imagine having all your desire out suddenly...heartseed sure have one hell of a field research...quite a funding he have to perform such research on our little blue planet

imagine this everyone....i want to have sex with him/her or i want to punch him/her but normally we just keep it inside with our resident supertroll it's all out

taichi, iori, inaba DEFINITELY MUST NOT stay in one room, any pairing even the three of them together, can you imagine what would happen...the youth impulse...LUST...oh yeah aoki too but yui can defend herself well

P.S : well...doujin please....threesome okay,....any pairing okay....
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Old 2012-08-11, 12:25   Link #1053
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it is not just inaba but the other characters will also express their desires is probably my guess.
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Old 2012-08-11, 12:36   Link #1054
Kaoru Chujo
Yuuki Aoi
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I'm enjoying this new situation and waiting to see how it progresses. Inaba (Miyukichi) is great, but so is Iori (Ainama). And Taichi really does make one feel as if everything will work out.

But the idea that two people confess to each other and then "don't have time" to be together much in the succeeding days is something that I actually find offensive, as well as unlikely.

One thing, however, I loved about this ep: it showed girls having the lustful feelings they actually do, rather than pretending only boys have such "base" feelings. Until we got to "keep the status quo." In real life, I guess I would approve of the restraint. But as entertainment, I regret the lost opportunities -- although I suspect we will get some passion over the next couple of episodes.
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Old 2012-08-11, 12:42   Link #1055
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Back to status quo. I guess the writer wants to milk out the harem aspect as much as possible and give Inaba a fair chance.
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Old 2012-08-11, 12:44   Link #1056
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Ouch. Damn you HeartSeed. At first I thought the teacher would show up, and instead of HeartSeed, it was some other supernatural entity inside his body this time.

Or it was HeartSeed's brother.

The situation is certainly a level-up. During the bodyswitching, at least they had conscious control over their actions. Now they don't.

I really liked the director style of how they displayed the voice inside Taichi's head to the viewer. Got what was happening clearly without waiting for a formal explanation from HeartSeed.

Episode script also surprised me in stuff I expected to be said by the characters to be saved for next episode. Like showing how Inaba is once again, trying to shoulder all the burden and stress by herself. Really transparent when she told Taichi to look ater Iori, and for Aoki to look after Yui. Leaving her all alone.

I also felt this situation is of the most benefit to Iori in trying to find herself. Wonder if that's because the climax of the previous arc centered on her. If this is to be the pattern, wouldn't be surprised if the climax of this arc centers on a different character, then whatever gimmick next arc is a type that will obviously benefit that person.

Iori & Taichi's status quo seems a little disappointing, but its actually the most logical decision. Iori seems to be the most objective of the bunch, even more than Inaba. Inaba seems to have the most objective character personality, but its all geared to shield herself.

Iori's objectiveness includes herself as well, so its true objectiveness.

Regardless, even if Iori & Taichi agreed to a ceasefire, I doubt it be that simple. Base desires aren't gonna be kept to a minimum that easily.

Their resistance will only make their desires harder!

Things I predict will happen that will build towards the breaking point or incidents:

Yui severely injuring Aoki and end up trying to confine herself closing off contact so she can't hurt anyone else

More Taichi's disposition of being protective of Iori
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Old 2012-08-11, 13:10   Link #1057
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Originally Posted by bastek66 View Post
This is gonna be good.
So close

Combining body switching and the latest desire unleashing would be much better
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Old 2012-08-11, 13:15   Link #1058
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So this means, they're not going to finish the series, are they? No way they can cut through 5 more main stories in 7 episodes...
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Old 2012-08-11, 13:19   Link #1059
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Spoiler for ep6:

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Old 2012-08-11, 13:30   Link #1060
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Are those seriously B-cups?
So the scene wasn't such a big troll after all. I just hope they won't over-react with the fanservice. A bit of it is okay where it's due, but I don't want it to drag the series down and take the time that could be given to conflict and characters, you know, things that actually give substance to the story.
As much as I lament the end of body switching, this idea is fine too. It emphasizes that the characters are thinking different things without showing it on the outside, which is imo always a plus. I generally like it when stories let us know that the characters have a life outside of what we're currently seeing, it makes them feel more like people rather than sentences written for the current scene.

I hoped Yui ended up at the police for beating up a teacher. I know I'd probably do that if something like this happened to me :P
Iori's decision to keep the relationship as it is is pretty reasonable but of course, predictable. Starting out a relationship in those conditions would probably be a nasty ordeal.
And I'm glad Iori recognized the potential to find her real self in this situation. Good to see the problems are still there.
Originally Posted by HandofFate View Post
Yui severely injuring Aoki and end up trying to confine herself closing off contact so she can't hurt anyone else
I'd rather see Aoki decide to keep the distance from her since getting beaten up would be the ultimate NO from Yui (and because a decision like that would make him less passive).
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body swapping, comedy, drama, romance, shounen, slice of life

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