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Old 2003-12-17, 00:22   Link #1
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D/ls at 0 kbps

I've been looking at the the Advanced Info from the Experimental BT Client and noticed that around half of people's downloads are crawling at 0 kbps (including mine!) and the other half are going 15+ kbps.

I'm pretty sure my ridiculously slow downloads are because of my router (an SMC Networks) and it's firewall, since I haven't figured out yet how to open up my ports. So are all these other people suffering from similar router problems... or is a tiny download speed normal??
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Old 2003-12-17, 00:44   Link #2
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Some people (like you) have router problems. Others are slow because they are downloading on 56K modems. Yet more are slow because they are USDL and don't know to limit their upload bandwidth.

Of course some people are just very unlucky and get a bad download day. That happens too.

If you're using a broadband connection, make sure that your upload limit is below the maximum for your network and your ports are open. You should be able to get more than 15K/sec. If I don't (after waiting 15 minutes) then I just quit BitTorrent and restart it to get a different selection of peers.

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