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Old 2013-02-11, 12:53   Link #261
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Originally Posted by LeoXiao View Post
Life is all about what you do in it, and your spiritual state in living it, rather than how long you live, though these do not exclude each other. Mozart died when he was 36, Martin Luther King when he was 39, but both men were far greater than some 90-year old geezers could ever hope to be.

...and that's why I like the fact death doesn't discriminate

No matter if you're a poor schmuck that never had any luck in life, or you're some celeb, put on a pedestal by the idiots around you
A hard worker leading a comfortable life, or a rich bugger that conned everyone to get where and what he wanted

All WILL be dead!

On a side note, wanting to be immortal is only desired by 2 kind of people:
-The young
-The Rich/powerful

The latter will be the only ones to be granted that 'privilege' though
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Old 2013-02-16, 05:36   Link #262
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Originally Posted by Qilin View Post
I'm a bit curious, so let me ask a question for the people here:

Is it death itself that you're afraid of? Or is it simply the experience of dying that you fear?
I really don't fear death itself. I pretty much embrace it as something natural, as part of life itself.
But looking at all those really horrible ways how you can die? Fatal diseases, accidends, being murdered? Yeah, that is some terrifying stuff right there :O
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death, existentialism

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