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Attention Certain Nanoha Fans: You Are At Risk of Being Evicted

On behalf of the entire site staff team, I want to say that we are glad that many people choose to call AnimeSuki Forums their online home for anime and related discussion for Nanoha and everything else.

But, as those of you who have been around this sub-forum for a long time know, there are certain people who hang-out (almost exclusively) in the Nanoha sub-forum and do little but:

a) make off-topic, chat-like comments in random (or not so random) threads, almost always involving shipping.
b) treat this shipping as "serious business" and report posts from opposite ships... repeatedly... hoping to get these other people in trouble and for their ship to somehow "prevail".
c) flame and bait people in other obvious ways that have been going on, in many cases, for years. (And then, as above, trying to get the other side in trouble when they take the bait.)
d) continue replying to obvious trolls even when they know they're being baited into it.

While we understand that some people make consider this sort of thing all in good fun, I can say assuredly that the staff are completely sick and tired of these antics that negatively taint the entire Nanoha sub-forum. As the Nanoha franchise is still active in animated form (with a movie just released on BD and an all-new original movie on the way), we do not want to lock or retire the whole sub-forum. We think there is still plenty of legitimate discussion that can occur. But it seems clear to us that certain people are negatively influencing the tone of discussion in this sub-forum. The staff believe that the Nanoha sub-forum, and this site on a whole, would be better off if these troublemakers were gone. So we intend to "break up the band", forcibly if need be.

Therefore, for those who are causing these sorts of problems, please consider yourselves placed on notice. This is not a Nanoha fanclub, though it is a place where fans can discuss the franchise. If you want a place where you can be more free and can chat about whatever you want (including all varieties of shipping wars), we suggest either:

a) creating a social group, or
b) finding another forum elsewhere on the Internet for this sort of randomness and shipping talk.

Otherwise, if you continue in the current way, short of a permanent ban (which is an option we still reserve for continued troublemakers), your ability to post in the Nanoha sub-forum may be revoked either temporarily or permanently with no further warning or notice. If someone else is engaging in this sort of behaviour, we strongly recommend that you do not reply, but instead report the instigating post. (However, reporting posts to get members from "rival ships" in trouble is, as mentioned earlier, not acceptable.)

Please note that this post is NOT directed at the many, many members who post constructively and contribute meaningfully to discussions without making problems worse. This is also not directed at those who offer valid criticism or bring intelligent debates to the table when it is on-topic and relevant. To those posters, thank you for being a positive influence, and we hope you'll stick around despite the fact that some other people may be required to leave in one way or another.

I want to also say that this message was not issued on a whim or after any single incident that caused us to overreact. This is based on years of accumulated frustration caused by many of the same repeat offenders who somehow have slipped through the system by just getting as close to the line as possible without stepping over. We want this sub-forum to continue lasting for as long as there continues to be new animated material, but to ensure this we feel that certain attitudes do not fit the forum culture we want to promote and preserve.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact any member of the staff/moderation team.
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