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Old 2013-09-05, 14:06   Link #1741
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Old 2014-03-08, 21:36   Link #1742
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Defiantly rukia and ichigo mainly because they both have a strong bond and it was obvious what she was gonna say before she disappeared she's the only person who can pick him up and the only person who brings him back to reality so defiantly ichigo and rukia
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Old 2014-05-05, 19:36   Link #1743
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So, I rewatched episode 20 - I don't know why - and the amount of Tatsuki-Orihime fluff is over 9000. Like, how the hell didn't I see this earlier ? I'm so disappointed in myself.

So, yeah, even though Kubo totally ruined Orihime for me in the Arrancar arc, TatsukiHime is the new addition to my list. I think they got the most attention in terms of heart to heart talks.

I mean look at this,

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Old 2014-10-30, 02:11   Link #1744
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Rukia and Ichigo are definitely my favorite couple in this series. Hitsugaya/Karin comes next. Reading a few fanfiction stories about them made me a fan of both. I find Shunsui/Nanao cute too.
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