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Old 2013-09-22, 16:11   Link #341
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I remember when I live streamed it. And I was like "WHICH ONE IS IT I DON'T KNOW!". Actually I think every single live broadcast I watched of it had the caster react in a similar mannar.
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Old 2013-09-23, 15:30   Link #342
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The only time I died while playing really.

Not sure how well that scene would translate to anime though since I figure the frustration while playing that part adds to the whole scene itself. If there's no tension nor sense of struggle conveyed to the viewers then it's just one shallow climax storywise
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Old 2013-09-23, 16:04   Link #343
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Old 2013-09-28, 11:41   Link #344
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You guys here read the translation of the side story included in the first Blu-Ray volume?

Long story short. It seems that Naegi is close to being the SHSL Unlucky, to the point that he is so unlucky that he got chosen to be the SHSL Luckster and got himself involved in the case.

Also, apparently the SHSL Luckster to join the main cast is an unknown female student, but the invitation letter got burnt up during the postal delivery, and they have to redo the ballot.

There is a funny scene in the story when the board of directors wanted to abolish the SHSL Luck system, as they don't see Luck as a talent. But the headmaster reminded them of the previous Luckster, and the board became speechless.
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