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Old 2003-12-23, 20:03   Link #1
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Problem... big one...

I don't know if this has been asked before or what, but...and I think it's more computer related than Bittorrent related, but...

So, I was dling with Bittorrent, as usual, but upgraded from Windows ME to XP. So, the first time I tried to dl something with XP, it asked me some sort of question, like, what is the file type of this file? Or something of that sort...(I'm not very computer-literate) It asked if I wanted to find the file type or something in the list, so I did. I clicked on Winamp, not noticing the "Always use this to open this type of file" box that was checked. *cringe*
So, now whenever I want to dl something, it just opens Winamp. Anyone know how to undo this? Or, better yet, what should I do so that I can download things? Thanks in advance for any help. *cries* I need to look at what I'm doing closer...
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Old 2003-12-23, 20:06   Link #2
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Sounds like a simple file association problem. Try re-installing BitTorrent and it should fix the association for you.
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