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Old 2013-12-27, 21:37   Link #601
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In the age of the Internet, that seems like a minor problem...
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Old 2013-12-28, 02:18   Link #602
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Well, if someone here has the last volume, you might try and help with the scans before the project gets forgotten
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Old 2014-01-03, 01:15   Link #603
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I did not know was missing the scans of the last volume
I have the manga ... I'll try to help !
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Old 2014-01-03, 01:44   Link #604
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Originally Posted by MisaHayase View Post
I did not know was missing the scans of the last volume
I have the manga ... I'll try to help !
That would be great! try contacting the group on their page.

I tried to search for the missing scans but apparently no one has scanned the fourth volume of the manga or I wasn't able to find it.
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Old 2016-06-27, 22:25   Link #605
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Hey, I'm super late but I finally got my hands on the last volume of Kiss in the Galaxy and was hilariously bad, but okay I didn't expect it to be good.

Was it me or Brera seems to be implied adopted (he tries to tell Ranka something, that actually they are "truly..." and Ai kun interrupts) and Ranka and him seemed to be dating in the extra volume? Like Ranka switches from calling him brother to Brera when she speaks of baking for your SO. Huh.

"Who would understand you after I die? Who else would march forward by your side?"
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