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Old 2014-01-10, 11:22   Link #181
Join Date: Dec 2006
Location: New York
It's a good thing the LP was mirrored outside of SA because the paywall came down after 100 freaking days.
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Old 2014-04-20, 01:48   Link #182
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Didn't like this game or the concept before, but after actually looking into it now that some of the game's translated and put on youtube, I think the story is better than the first game. And the characters are way more interesting than the first group.

The islands allows for more freedom and more locations rather than being stuck on a single floor in a school(<---anyone would go crazy).

But youtube's only got up to Ch3 translated. So excited for what happens the second half.
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Old 2014-05-24, 20:38   Link #183
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Sorry; dynamic content not loaded. Reload?
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Old 2014-05-25, 02:10   Link #184
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Meh. Youtube's already half-finished with chapter 6 translations.

Gundham Tanaka? <--Avoid lawsuit and not use Gundam?

Souda= Soda
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Old 2014-05-25, 02:16   Link #185
Eugeo Fangay
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oh i forgot this game exist
monokuma english sounds horrible... i like jap voice after all... is there any dual audio?
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Old 2014-06-09, 05:53   Link #186
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Been meaning to comment on that trailer, but I didn't get around to it until now..... But yeah, I definitely find myself preferring the Japanese voice cast in this case. The slight name changes don't bother me either (I think Souda's name was supposed to be pun on sodas in the first place, wasn't it?). Also, knowing NISA's history with sexual innuendo, I wouldn't be surprised if they actually added MORE dirty jokes in the localization (and the original already has a bunch of dirty jokes to begin with).....

Originally Posted by hamazura View Post
is there any dual audio?
Well, the first game has dual audio, so I see no reason why the sequel wouldn't.....
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Old 2014-06-21, 01:42   Link #187
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Game's fully translated and posted on youtube. Danganronpa never fails!
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Old 2014-09-12, 10:49   Link #188
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I'm really enjoying the second game. I'm on Chapter 5. Whole thing is a major improvement over the first and I loved the first game. This sequel has everything improved. The characters, mystery, suspense, intrigue, murder. It's really great. I recommend everyone to get it if they liked the first game.
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