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Old 2014-03-11, 01:25   Link #101
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I must be one of the only ones here who enjoys Usopp's cowardice. I think it makes him a funnier, more interesting character, and he brings an element of behavioral uncertainty to an otherwise competent and effective crew.
I hope he never changes.

Besides, he always comes through in the end.
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Old 2014-03-11, 10:06   Link #102
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Originally Posted by articuzwolf View Post
knowing that trebol's slime/mucus/whatever it is... is combustible...

One shoot of fire/explosive to the exposed part of his body should be enough
He could easily just shot his slime at the incoming explosive. Like he did to that Bee and the fairy's. Hell his marksmanship could well beat Usopp's. Soo I can't see him face off Trebol. But maybe he will if he teams up with Robin. Once she is free.
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