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Old 2014-03-06, 22:05   Link #1461
Ha ha ha ha ha...
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Spoiler for size:

Saddest part of this win was that our group wasn't even a premade. The enemy just sucked that bad.

My character here was Sev'eere'nurodo.
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Old 2014-03-06, 22:36   Link #1462
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Zero?! No wonder people say the Republic sucks.
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Old 2014-03-14, 07:40   Link #1463
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Double XP bonus starts today. This means you can skip planetary questing experience and focus on Class quests and Flash points to level characters while enjoying the storyline.
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Old 2014-03-14, 12:03   Link #1464
Kyero Fox
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Originally Posted by MeisterBabylon View Post
Zero?! No wonder people say the Republic sucks.
Again, its a server thing. When I played we always destroyed the Empire. It's the same for WoW.
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Old 2014-03-19, 18:52   Link #1465
Om Nerabdator
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dammit i missed double xp!? why cant they send plp emails about this!!??
Ive been wanting to play this but the grind after lvl37 is unplayable for me!
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bioware, lucasarts, mmorpg, star wars, windows

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