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Old 2014-04-11, 13:13   Link #741
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(Sorry for Double Post)
Finally got to play the Puzzdex game, it's some kind of simple Matching Tile Game.
Except that you can not only swap adjacent gems, but every single gem, even not making a set of 3.
As you make successive sets of 3+ gems, your characters attack enemies.

You can download it for FREE from Google Play Store, or (if you are not in Japan) here.
You need an active Internet connection and last version to play.

It takes forever to load menus at first, because it DOWNLOADS everything from jap. servers.
The game from the store is only the "base", it does not contains the data files.
On first play it downloaded about 60MB of data.
With every run, it will take less and less time (up to a certain unavoidable amount).

I translated some menus in case someone finds it usefull
(got really angry for accidentaly deleting awesome Awaki's card because I was randomly pressing buttons :/ )
If you would like to see more of the menus translated, let me know.

Main Screen:

When you click "menu" button:

When you click "card" button

When you click "Gifts" button

The gameplay is quite easy, at first you click next, next, next... until it ask you to chose your starting card/character.
Then continue with the "next" strategy, until it ask you for name.
There was a short tutorial which gives you some random card.
Later it ask you for code of your referral, if you had some, (my code is for example 671145963) and bellow you can see your own code in case you want to give it to someone else.
Not sure why is there 1/10, maybe something happens when you invite 10 people.
Afterwards you go into the quests, select an area, select if you go solo or take a card from the randomly selected people (or friends) with you.
Fight is quite straightforward, sometimes enemies drop new cards, you can access them later after battle.
After battle it shows you new cards and asks if you want to add "the player you played with" to your friends (if you played together with someones else card)
Don't forget to go to deck and take new cards with you (or boost the old ones).
This is how far I got.

PS: In case someone was paying attention to the 10th. anniversary stream that was not long ago, they released "serial code" for puzzdex.
(You have to go to Menu -> Serial Codes -> first option and insert it there)
It's "2014 0410 8031 0293" and gives you level 5 Index card.
(but be carefull of the "max deck value", because starting ranks have this value at low levels and level 5 cards take a lot (27 - index))

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Iīm from Mexico but when I tried to download the app it says this device canīt suport this game, is it because of my country or because my cell is not updated? I been having that problem since the game came out =(
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