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Old 2006-03-20, 17:12   Link #1
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about fan-sub...

I tried to dl "Da Capo" for HQA and AonE fan-subs or Soldats fan-subs, it gave me a error message saying "these torrent doesn't have decode for the files". I wander why this is happening. Can you fix it?
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Old 2006-03-20, 19:00   Link #2
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Are you using a bittorrent program?
Like Utorrent ?

Torrents are like 'addresses' in order to download files you need a 'postman' (A bittorrent program).

As soon as you install utorrent just double click on the torrent you downloaded from a site. It should start downloading.

*If i am wrong dont take offence, its hard to tell what you mean.*
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Old 2006-03-22, 14:48   Link #3
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im using bitlord as my program, and I still can't dl the anime "Da Capo" because of the warning that " can't read the torrent files"
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Old 2006-03-23, 23:21   Link #4
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bitload sucks and it contains adware/spyware. BitLoad is also old and is based on BitComet. If you want a real client, uTorrent is the one that feels like BitLord.

Anyway, it sounds that the client is not parsing the torrent files correctly. save the torrent to your system and open it from your BT client.
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