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Old 2014-04-14, 20:49   Link #101
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Nothing about new volumes, but Kinny Riddle on BT it's translating vol. 3, and some guys on a tumblr are translating vol. 5 and already did some work on vol. 4
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Old 2014-04-18, 18:57   Link #102
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Is Hyouka a novel or light novel series?
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Old 2014-04-19, 11:50   Link #103
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Originally Posted by Student no.0 View Post
Is Hyouka a novel or light novel series?
It's a light novel that is the first in a series of light novels (although I have seen the whole series referred to as Hyouka.) There are five novels in all, but only the first four have been covered in the anime series of the same name.
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After reading volume 5 translation, I think there are an inconsistency in the anime adaptation about the first time Chitanda visiting Houtaro's house. In vol. 5, it's mentioned that it was after the festival when Houtaro's catch a cold. But in the anime, it is showed that Chitanda visiting him earlier in Episode 8 when it was still in summer vacation.

I don't read the earlier volume yet, but is that really inconsistency? Or did I miss some details here?
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