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View Poll Results: Vote for your favourite(s) To Aru Majutsu no Index Characters
Index 80 19.56%
Kamijo Toma 194 47.43%
Misaka Mikoto 253 61.86%
Shirai Kuroko 79 19.32%
Tsukuyomi Komoe 31 7.58%
Himegami Aisa 36 8.80%
Kanzaki Kaori 103 25.18%
Styl Magnus 35 8.56%
Tsuchimikado Motoharu 62 15.16%
Tsuchimikado Maika 16 3.91%
Accelerator 161 39.36%
Misaka Sisters 58 14.18%
Sister #10032 110 26.89%
Last Order (Sister #20001) 109 26.65%
Kazakiri Hyouka 19 4.65%
Aureolus Izzard 10 2.44%
Misha 23 5.62%
Doctor 41 10.02%
Sphinx 31 7.58%
Others (specify) 38 9.29%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 409. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 2012-08-01, 04:53   Link #101
Join Date: Oct 2009
LOL for including sphinx and "unnamed" doctor

1. Misaka - cute THUNDERE blushing, interisting character rather than "pure cute princess heroine" type. Railgun series also boosting my vote for her.
2. Touma - better than "hothead protagonist" like in many manga. Love his misfortune and yet get many views from girls LOL.
Usually chara like him is easily being forgotten, but I'm sure he is more success
3. Accelerator - Best badass and overpowered character I've seen so far. Love his "protecting by using his darkness way"
4. Last order - I'm not a lolicon, but I just love her.
5. Misaka 10032 - just lolololol chara, as misaka stated.
Also I love sister arc the most..

Not getting votes from me, but I still love them:
Kanzaki - hot babeh
Styl magnus
Tsuchimikado - Loli teacher

Index is one of worst type of Heroine
I hate kazakiri hyouka for unknown reason
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Old 2013-06-11, 02:24   Link #102
Gintoki fan
Join Date: Apr 2013
I've just gotten into the series, so forgive me for bumping up these threads, just wanted to give my opinion on the matter

I never thought Index would be so disliked in the fandom, wow. I mean shes my least favorite of the bunch too but I thought the fandom would feel different about it

My favorites go like this....

1. Touma: Hes not like any other main character thats for sure, funny part is hes supposed to have the worst luck ever but as the series goes on I don't see that any more. Hes even getting attention from woman that guys would die for I'm sure Gotta love the way he fights too.

2. Misaka: She seems popular with the fandom, understandable
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Old 2013-06-11, 14:39   Link #103
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acctuily index is a pretty popular character in japan at least. mikoto is a fan favorite and is arguabley one of the most beloved tsundere.
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Old 2013-06-12, 06:42   Link #104
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I only like Touma in this series. the other characters are just there to make the story is what ı think ;D and why is Mikoto this polular and why index is the heroine are two big questions that ı don't know the answer of
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Old 2013-06-12, 07:57   Link #105
Nintendo Haters I'm ready
Join Date: May 2013
Location: AZ
In my opinion,

Touma Kamijou is one of the most compelling characters I have ever seen/read in any anime series/ light novel/ literary work. He is my #1 favorite character partially because he acknowledges his flaws-- something almost no other hero manages to accomplish. The other reason that he is my favorite character centers around the complex moral/ethical/philosophical themes that involve questioning his actions, their validity, and his own ideology. This may sound meta-analytical, but this is honestly why I view him as the deepest character in the series. In actuality, IB is one of the largest reasons that Touma is compelling to me.

Misaka Mikoto is a great character: I had her at #2 for a while... she might now be tied for #3... She is a very compelling and complex character. Having her own series helps her be developed as a really plausible and interesting character. She will not rise up to being #2 or #1 until she lives out her "potential." She is a character with great potential... I just haven't seen it be realized yet. She was my favorite after having watched Index I/II Railgun I and currently Railgun S... after having read the LN's released so far, she has potential, but is not "there" yet in my opinion.

Accelerator: Tied for #2. He is very interesting. There are way too many details to even try to say anything here--so I'm not going to. I will say that there is a lot more to him than what initially meets the eye. I am putting him at #2 because he, like Mikoto, has a very deep character basis, but surpasses her in that it has been satisfactorily developed so far in the LN's--in my opinion.

Hamazura: Tied for #2. He has a lot of qualities that scream out top quality original character material. He is a compelling character. Any story involving him is bound to be very interesting.

Kiharas: I'm lumping them together with Mikoto for #3. Individually they aren't there, but as a group idea, they are really interesting. I've liked what I've seen so far concerning them.

Aleister Crowley: Tied for #3 for now. He will probably be higher rated by me eventually. He has the second best potential as a character after Kamijou in my opinion.

I like every other or almost every other character in the series, but these characters just stand out especially to me.

I find many of the sub-story characters great and wonderful, but these are my favorites in terms of originality/over-all class/development/ uniqueness.

Note: this is my opinion after having read through New Testament 7.

As a side note: Gunha is my favorite "comic-relief character." Kamachi makes him hilarious

Lastly, noting that Index is a "character/personality driven" series, for me, evaluating the best character, means figuring out whose personification is the most complex/original... In other words, my favorite characters aren't the characters I necessarily agree with, but the ones who are the most realistically portrayed, in my perspective.
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Old 2013-06-14, 12:07   Link #106
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Old 2013-07-22, 00:45   Link #107
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But, guys!
What about Fukiyose Seiri and Kumokawa Maria!
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Old 2013-07-22, 01:25   Link #108
Eugeo Fangay
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1. Hamazura
2. Accel
1000. Misaka 00001
19.999. Misaka 20000
99.997. Pedestrian A
99.998. Pedestrian B
99.999. Index
100.000. Touma

yeah, like that
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Old 2013-07-23, 06:52   Link #109
Demon Hunter
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Location: Ente Isla
Misaka Mikoto
Kamijou Touma
Last Order

Guys please request the author to give more time for HIMEGAMI. She NEEDS MORE LOVE! ,
Friendship and Rivalry. These two have it
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Old 2013-08-22, 23:46   Link #110
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Join Date: Aug 2013
Misaka Imoutos for me

that Misaka network + Accelerator combo is awesome
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Old 2014-01-03, 07:58   Link #111
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Join Date: Dec 2013
Location: Germany
the first one is AIWASSSSSSSSSS
i simply love ti if their is a being so OP that the only thing he does is to observe....

than ACCELERATOR, the best character inside the anime/manga/LN world......

this is also the major reason why i would kill kamachi if i can meet him, after the end of Vol. 22 accel only barely shows up and if than it is either a fight agaisnt kakine or assisting one of the most useless heroes i have seen so far in the LN/anime/manga world
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Old 2014-01-03, 08:42   Link #112
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And now for my totally biased opinions:

1. Hamazura Shige - I know we had accel, but to me Hamazura is probably my favorite because he seems to be the best written out of the 3, that and he isn't an all powerful esper/magician but a regular person. It's awesome to see him flip the tables on some of the people he goes up against because he literally is working from scratch.

2. Kamijou Touma - Yes, he's a flawed character (in how he's written not just in story) but hey, he was the reason I continued watching the anime seasons and went on to read the novels before I found out how good they could actually be. I guess for me, Touma is my favorite kind of action hero, strong enough to survive insanly dangerous circumstances and take care of himself but not strong enough that things go easy for him. His power is pretty interesting and I like the way the author handles it within the mythos of this universe. As far as to why I liked him in the begining, it was simple: HE HAD A DAMN SPINE! I couldn't tell you how sick I was getting of LN mcs before I watched index so seeing a character actually stand up forhimself and others was pretty cool in my eyes... even if I treated some of his more wordy endevors as an intermission to get more snacks...

3. Accelerator: He is probably the most interesting character in the series imho. I don't especially care for how OP his power makes him that he can just do the most mundane things and have it be the end of all times, but I think once he starts interacting with LO he becomes truly interesting and his development is pretty mush the best written out of the cast. It also helps that he can be pretty amusing in some of the fish out of water situations he lands himself into like
Spoiler for NT3:

I voted for a few others but frankly I don't think I could say anything diffrent from what some other people may say, plus I mainly just wanted to talk about my general thoughts on the main 3.
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Old 2014-01-14, 13:42   Link #113
Fukou da
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3:Kuroko (Misaka X Kuroko so OP XD!)
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Old 2014-01-31, 17:00   Link #114
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I like Hamazura because he was normal pedestrian but gradually became the respected character.

Mostly I enjoy ITEM, their rivalry against the other teams and the story entertains me the best. Although their chemistry is shaky, yet it's very engaging. These 4 members are all different yet interesting to see how they handle the problems.

I like Lessar too, as soon as I saw her drawing. I like her design a lot but the personality is the main attraction. Normally all Touma's girls seem too shy to approach him but she just confronts him head on. She feels unique in that respect and it's funny she has the same sort of personality Kuroko has.
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Old 2014-04-25, 06:27   Link #115
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Voted for
Mikoto - especially how bad ass she was in WW3 and in New Testament
Touma - need to vote for the MC
Index - Spell interceptor makes her less useless against magicians and she's cute
Accelerator - like how he talks/acts in the anime and how even after killing 10k sisters,he became their no. 1 protector.
Kanzaki - she looks like Houki (from IS) and that reason is enough
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