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Old 2013-10-14, 22:40   Link #3421
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Originally Posted by Shu Ouma View Post
No not really Shu did not lose the meaning of life actually he found the meaning of life[...]
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Old 2013-10-15, 18:25   Link #3422
Shu Ouma
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We need a Guilty Crown Season 2 with Shu And Inori Happy Ending.
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Old 2014-01-12, 21:31   Link #3423
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Still waiting for a second season *fingers crossed*
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Old 2014-05-16, 13:43   Link #3424
I am Gundam 10
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We must have a season 2 with a Shu and Inori Happy Ending!

Dying in Vain is as same as living in vain
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Old 2014-05-24, 09:28   Link #3425
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Thumbs up

Shu deserves it, the price for wearing the crown
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Old 2014-05-27, 04:53   Link #3426
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I wish someone would explain the logic of the whole betrayal after escaping the warzone thing... Sure they may have been angry for what a "cold-hearted dictator" Shu has been, but it felt like the series wanted to force the viewer to think Shu shouldn't have done what he did, i.e. it was promoting either the death of all Students of that school (because seriously... no one else would have managed to organize that escape), or some Deus Ex Machina that would have saved them all, even if Shu didn't do what he had to do.

That was actually the worst "serious moment" in anime history for me. Escpacially since even Shu himself blamed himself for being evil, disregarding completely that he was almost being killed brutally by ungrateful fools.
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action, noitamina, production_ig

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