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Manga Sales in History and Ratio (ave. per volume)

I got a bit geeky today and I sort of went to Wikipedia to see which manga has the highest sales in history. Looking at the list, I made a ratio of number of volumes out to the number of copies sold and I was pretty surprised with the results.
(Edit- to be clear I only got certain parts of the list and computed it. Check the URL for the complete list)

Series (Not in Order) -- Ratio(Sales per volume in millions of copies) -- Volume-Sales(Millions of copies)
One Piece--------4.67-------74-345
DBZ---------------5.48------- 42-230
GTO-------------------2------- 25-50
Naruto------------2.01------- 67-135
Slam Dunk-------3.87------- 31-120
Astro Boy---------4.34------- 23-100
Touch-------------3.84------- 16-100 Adachi
Bleach------------1.34------- 61-82
HxH---------------2.03------- 32-65
FMA---------------2.26------- 27-61
Prince of Tennis-1.21------- 42-51
YuYuHakusho----2.63------- 19-50
Ranma1/2 -------1.31------- 38-50 Rumiko
InuYasha----------0.8------- 56-45 Rumiko
Gintama----------0.86------- 51-44
Nana --------------2.04------- 21-43
Shingeki----------2.94------- 13-38.3
Nodame----------1.39------- 23-32
Kuroko------------1.06------- 26-27
Death Note--------2.2------- 12-26.5
Fairy Tail-----------0.6------- 40-25
Maison Ikkoku---1.67------- 15-25 Rumiko
Kimi ni Todoke---1.05------- 19-20
Negima------------0.52------- 38-20
Rose of Versailles----2------- 10 20
Tsubasa-----------0.71------- 28-20
Urusei Yatsura---1.13------- 34-30 Rumiko
Hikaru no Go-----1.08------- 23-25
H2------------------1.6------- 34-55 Adachi
Miyuki--------------2.08------- 12 25 Adachi

I just wanted to share this because there are a number of things that surprised me (and I'm sure you guys will be surprised too).

1)While One Piece is definitely the king of the world, In terms of ratio, DBZ still has it beat. It's crazy to think that DBZ has an average of 5 million per volume (well there are more factors to that but still that number is huge especially when you follow Oricon's weekly chart)
2)I didn't know Slamk Dunk was that huge (120 million copies!!!)
3)I know Rumiko Takahashi and Mitsuru Adachi are some of the most influential manga artists ever but I didn't know their series were that popular. Particularly, Adachi's Touch has 100 million copies sold.
4)Did you know that in terms of number of manga sold per volume, for Rumiko Takahashi, Maison Ikkoku sold more than Inuyasha, Urusei Yatsura and Ranma 1/2?
5) Shingeki no Kyojin really stands out. It only has 13 volumes yet it has 38 million copies??????
6) Death Note stands out too. For a 12 volume series, it sold that much?? Im mean look at it in comparison to Fairy Tail who's clocking at 40 volumes already yet has the same amount of sales.
7) I was pretty shocked to see Fairy Tail not really selling as much as it should (it still has 25 million copies in print which I'm sure is huge but still) given that it does have 40 volumes.
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No Doraemon??

That list is rigged!!!
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Old 2014-06-11, 02:54   Link #3
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Confused as to why Hana Yori Dango wouldn't be on that list. Highest selling shoujo manga title ever at 55 million copies.

Also, why surprised about DBZ's ratio. Manga sales peaked in 1995. Today's sales in Japan are only about one quarter of those in 1995.
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Old 2014-06-11, 03:17   Link #4
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Edited the original post to be clear that I didn't include everything in there. Doraemon's definitely in the top list with 100+million copies sold. Hana Yori Dango is there too and I'm definitely not surprised that it's the highest selling shojo manga.

For DBZ's ratio, it's surprising because I did not know the manga industry peak was back in the 90s.
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Old 2014-06-11, 05:59   Link #5
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Doraemon should be much higher than that, because they used to be freely (& illegally) published multiple times in China, and South East Asia without concerning of copy right. I think it was mentioned somewhere that the whole manga was republished 4-5 times in past 30 years

And considering these two regions have close to 2 billions people....
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