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Originally Posted by DawnEmperor View Post
I also agree with Rosario+Vampire; by the second half of the series there was a much larger focus on the overall Fairy Tale conflict yet that didn't really make it into the adaptations.
Since it seems that the manga is finished, now they could do a reboot. However since anime adaptions are usually made to boost manga/LN/VN sales, it is unlikely to happen.
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Old 2014-06-23, 06:51   Link #83
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Originally Posted by Dop View Post
The founder of this thread mentioned Serial Experiments Lain, and as I re-watched that last week I have to agree.
The original show had some good ideas, but suffers from a low budget, low-grade animation, and massive reuse of stock sequences.
On top of which it's as horribly dated as practically all nineties cyberpunk is.
If you kept the good points, gave it a budget, and made it more relevant to the present day (present time ha ha ha ha) it'd gain a new lease of life and maybe find a new set of fans.

And, leading on from this, while I have no desire for a 'reboot' or remake, I would love to revisit the world of Haibane Renmei some day. I've always felt there was room for a sequel.
I'd have to disagree. Some things are good because they are products of their time. Serial Experiments Lain has even more relevance now than it did then, imo, precisely because it aired before the world we live in today existed. But an even bigger problem is that the minds that spawned Lain aren't the ones making anime today. Lain came at a rare time when many anime dared to dig deep into some pretty heavy themes, even if it didn't always succeed at it. Particularly the cyberpunk genre, which is almost extinct in anime now, unfortunately.

As for Haibane, it's one of my favorite anime. But I'm not sure what value a sequel would have considering the original. It's a conclusive tale that is intended to leave the audience with more questions than answers about the greater mysteries of its world.

In both cases, it's more of a "I'd like to see...", but I question if there would be any value in remaking them or trying to recreate them through a sequel, especially since they are quite old now and it would be very difficult to get the same people back together and in the same mindset that gifted us with those stories.
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Old 2014-06-23, 09:16   Link #84
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Originally Posted by Houreki View Post
idk but Pandora Hearts it's the only one that comes to my mind, the ending was awful, and imo this is an anime that has some potencial and now that the manga will end soon I think is the perfefct time to do it
I personally being a huge PH fan dont think it needs a reboot as more of another season. The last few epis were bad since it had to trail off since the manga was still on-going. With the manga coming to an end, another season to immortalize all that Mochizuki-sensei has put us thru would be better.

Only way I'd take a reboot is if they had the same seiyuu cast and did like a 51 epi entire manga to anime, no fillers. Like FMA:B did.
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Old 2014-06-24, 02:37   Link #85
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How about either a Weiss Kruez or a Nadesico reboot? Then again, the latter will be more successful than the former!
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Old 2014-07-06, 04:11   Link #86
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With Sailor Moon having one, I would like to have one of my other early anime experience, remade, Ronin Warriors/Samurai Troopers, I was thinking something along the lines of Saint Seiya Omega, style-wise.
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