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Old 2014-07-29, 15:00   Link #2421
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Two pics showing off Kouko's perfect body/figure, and one in a very attractive bikini? Thank you kindly !
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Originally Posted by Shinji103 View Post
Warning: Not safe to view at work or school!
Sorry; dynamic content not loaded. Reload?
*being horny*

Oh, damn... Thank the beauty goddess...

That... is so... perfect... *collapsed in blood loss*
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Old 2014-08-23, 07:56   Link #2423
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From a review of the Vivid Memories game:
Around the second half of the first playthrough, I've changed my mind about Oka Chinami(whom I totally hated since the moment I first saw her) and the girls from the Tea Ceremony Club. The girls from the Tea Ceremony Club deserve the lots of attention they get(they actually have the most endings dedicated to them, lol, and for getting them all you get a trophy "Tea Ceremony Club Memories"), and lol, I really loved that Shii-chan pregnancy end too.

Well, that aside, I've pretty much changed my mind about all the characters. That is, except Linda, I still hate her after getting all of her endings. She's the worst character I've ever seen in a dating simulation game. The most boring too.

The 3 mini-games: VJ Slash(an arcade mission-based runner starring VJ), Kisekae Bubble(a pretty usual game you'd see on mobiles or iOS based crap about gathering 3+ bubbles of the same color to destroy them. With the exception you're getting ecchi pics of the heroines+cameos from Toradora for completing the mission) and Sadou Defender(99 stages+infinite stage about defending yourself from the Sadoubu. You can play as Banri, Nijigen-kun or Mitsuo).
Concerning the comment about Linda, I don't know what's happening in the game, but maybe she seems boring to him because she might be thinking too much instead of acting according to her true feelings towards Banri and hiding them from him, the opposite of Kouko. If she wasn't like that it might be difficult to have a Banri x Kouko ending, knowing his past with Linda.
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Old 2014-08-23, 13:20   Link #2424
Arturia Polaris
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They just can't appreciate greatness even if it smacks them in the face with amnesia.
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Old 2014-09-09, 03:40   Link #2425
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There are Android and iOS versions of the game:
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college, comedy, drama, love triangle, romance, seinen

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