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Old 2003-12-29, 01:40   Link #1
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How do i find out ...

How do i find out if i have successfully forwarded the ports for my bt? .. warnold has helped me with this b4 but ever since i got this new router (i have forwarded the ports oredi) and i am still getting slow download speeds .. if i remember correctly i have to go to command prompt and type some commands which i have forgot .. someone pls help me... thx .
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Old 2003-12-29, 02:33   Link #2
lv.2 频道贼
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If you're using those experimental BT clients, in advanced, you can see that peers that you've connected to are remote (not local), check flash_squirrel's sticky post#5
(heres the full Bittorrent step-by-step sticky by flash_squirrel)

Warnold's post about getting your ip in command prompt here.

Hope it helps.
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Old 2003-12-30, 02:49   Link #3
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