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Old 2006-04-19, 06:07   Link #1
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BitComet Problem!

Well, I don't know if that's really true, anyway I tried to resolve this problem many times but it seems that there are no information about this problem I've got with bitcomet. I've installed bitcomet on my PC and my friends one, but after a few downloads (Usually I download anime and manga) bitcomet doesn't not download for me the whole file, and although he said that the download is completed, when I try to open the file with VLC it doesn't start at all and acts like it's still unfinished. If I try to start another file in the same package I see that the previous downloaded file ISN'T completed, but it's stuck at 99,8 %.
I tried also to rename the file (adding bc! after the extention) and then resumed the download, but it doesn't work. It download the file again, complete it, but when I try to open it..again, it doesn't work.
I have to delete the corrupted file and start to download it again from the begin.
What should I do now?
Please, help me!
Sorry for my english.

here! That's what happen to me!
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Old 2006-04-19, 15:10   Link #2
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Wait, let me get this straight first:

You downloaded a file and the BitComet program said 100% completed but when you tried to execute the file, there was an error and you realized that it was not really 100% completed, but at 99.8%.


You downloaded a file till 99.8% but then your downloaded stopped (or dramatically slowed down) and "he" (I assume you mean your friend?) told you it was done so you tried to execute the program and it failed.

I'm not sure how you would solve the former problem; you may want to reinstall BitComet (and get the latest version) or try to download another torrent file because it may be corrupt.

For the latter problem, don't listen to your friend and wait until your download is 100% completed. The download speed may be very low because of lack of seeders (or good seeders) so you may have to be patience for your file to complete. If you are behind a router, make sure you portforward.
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