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Old 2007-01-18, 16:06   Link #1
A Ninny Moose
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Optimizing my downloads?

Well, i already have my ports forwarded and everything, just wondering what limiting your upload speed on utorrent does. I currently have a 56k connection, and usually when i check utorrent, i'm uploading around 200 kb/s. So, how does limiting uploads affect your downloads, what would be the best decision for me? Thx in advance ^.^
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Old 2007-01-18, 19:33   Link #2
Love Yourself
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When you say you're on a 56k connection (dialup), you probably mean that you're uploading at 200 kbps, not kb/s. Divide kbps by 8 to get kb/s. It's just one of those weird unit things that happened with technology. (Kbps stands for "Kilobits per second" while kb/s has come to mean "kilobytes per second" - there are 8 bits to one byte.)

That aside, generally you won't need to worry about setting limits on your upload, except in certain cases. For example, on ADSL, due to the setup of the technology (or the service, whichever you want to believe), if you upload beyond a certain rate your download will suffer as well. For example, I used to use a 128 kbps up / 768 kbps down connection, which roughly translates to 20 kbs up and 100 kbs down (rough math). If my upload ever exceeded 13 kbs, my download would drop to 20 kbs and wouldn't go above it. If I limited my upload to 13 or below, then my download would shoot up again. I've heard that certain cable services imposed a similar system, but I don't think that the majority do.

However, some cable companies do impose transfer restrictions. In other words, you'll only be allowed to download and upload a certain amount of data per month (say, upload 6 gb and download 6 gb). If you exceed it, common practice dictates that your internet speeds will be capped by your service. Hence, limiting your upload somewhat would help you to stay within your limits.

Note that when you limit your upload, you're also limiting your potential to download. You will encounter scenarios where you get a very high download speed without uploading much, but in most torrent situations, the faster you upload, the faster you download. Limiting your upload should generally only be undertaken if you really need to (or perhaps if you're prioritizing bandwidth among torrents).
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