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Old 2004-01-26, 22:22   Link #1
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Join Date: Jan 2004
ERROR. problem getting response info... Eh?

Recently (as of last Friday), I have been having some trouble.

Whenever I click on something to download, the download would fail and say:
ERROR. problem getting response info - [Errno 2] No such file and directory: "C:\\Documents and Settings\\Dianannsano\\Local Settings\\Temporary Internet Files\\Content.IE5......

I uninstalled and reinstalled BitTorrent. I even tried downloading new versions of BitTorrent, but none would let me download anymore.

It's funny because when I clicked on something I downloaded in the past (say past 2 weeks) it would let me download it still, yet when I click on something new (like the new episode of Prince of Tennis), that message would pop up. I'm pretty much stuck.

Any suggestions on what may be happening?

PS. I'm not that much computer literate so please answer in easy terms so I don't get confused. Thank you.
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Old 2004-01-26, 22:37   Link #2
a step away from heaven
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Chapter 5 "F.A.Q. About Errors + Error Screenshots" of the BT Step-By-Step:

For some unknown reason, Internet Explorer doesn't save the Torrent in the Temp files, and thus this error pop up.
If you want to bypass this error, just clear your temp files or use the option Save As.. and save the torrent in your HD, and then run it.
This error seem caused by the brackets in the file name, it's still a mystery anyways..
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Old 2004-01-26, 22:48   Link #3
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Join Date: Jan 2004
Wow! You're a miracle worker! Thank you so much!!!
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