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Old 2004-01-27, 11:16   Link #1
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Fact or myth?: 2 computers behind router using bt downloading same file = slow speeds

So is this true, I'm not all too sure how the BT client or network really works.

But say I have two computers one is mine one is my brothers, we want to download the same file off BT, off the same would this cause a HUGE problem in downloading for one of the computers?

Because how I understand how the BT works it looks at your IP, and since behind a router I share one single external IP to the internet, when there are two clients off the same does the tracker/other clients/seeds distrubute the file, do both files have a chance of getting files just as fast as eachother?

Let me know :/
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Old 2004-01-27, 13:00   Link #2
Join Date: Feb 2003
Location: Richmond, VA, USA
It'll work, because it doesn't look at just the IP. It looks at the combination of IP and port.

The router will make sure that the internal ports are mapped to different external ports.

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Old 2004-01-27, 19:23   Link #3
Join Date: Apr 2003
It would be awfully inefficient, and I believe the odds are 99.9% that the two computers would not coordinate with each other to share data. It'd work, but why waste all that bandwidth?

I would say that having one machine do it would be the best thing.

But if you were each downloading something different (regardless of tracker) then it would be no different than having one computer running two clients at once. As long as each has their ports fowarded fairly.
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Old 2004-01-27, 19:36   Link #4
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Location: Down Under
it doesn't matter if it's inefficient or not Would it work well? Because I noticed an option in Shadow's Bittorrnet to "block multiple connections from same ip" Which means if there are two PCs using seprate clients, but are bting the same file that means only ONE of them would get seed/other client connections leaving the other one with nothing

I currently have two IP addresses assigned to my home, so one IP goes to my Personal PC another IP goes to my router (Which shares it with other computers) now...this has caused new problems ever since my ISP switched my modem (the ONLY modem they NOW support) is half-duplex/10mbps vs my old full duplex 100 mbps modem. Gaming just sucks It's causing network collisions on my switch.

So I was wondering if I just put my self in the DMZ of my router if that would work...
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Old 2004-01-27, 20:26   Link #5
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Two people downloading the same file from behind the same router wouldn't be as fast as only one person downloading that file, because of what DeHackEd said. The two machines wouldn't share pieces of the file with each other and would result in up to 98% wasted bandwidth.

so the answer is no, it wouldn't work well.
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Old 2004-01-27, 20:38   Link #6
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Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: Down Under
No I mean okay, this is how I have it set up right now.

Cablemodem --> switch --> my computer and my router

So my computer gets it's own IP address, and my router gets it's own IP address...

Now if someone behind the router downloads a file off the same BT off a tracker, and I do the same thing, we just share the bandwidth both seem to go at a pretty even rate, so they're both doing well.

My main concern is, behind the router, will ONE computer take up 99% of the incomming connections because we only have one IP address behind the router and the other one gets 1-2 connections vs 100 connections on another? Because some clients only support ONE connection per IP, therefore the one who connects first (the PC) will get the connection while the other one is outta luck...

Unlike how it is now because I have my own IP address. And my router has it's own (but only one PC on the router does BTing)
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