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Old 2007-02-02, 00:53   Link #1
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Where can I find a complete list of 2007 spring anime?

Sorry if it's quite obvious. I haven't been to these forums for some time, and I may be a bit lost. I recall that there used to be threads in the General Anime section that would list all upcoming anime for one season.

I'm looking for a complete list of all anime titles for spring 2007 only. I think I came across a website that had this sort of info once, nicely organized with links to official sites & etc, but I've lost the link.

Thanks for your help!
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Old 2007-02-02, 01:00   Link #2
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Here's ANN's listing, you can click on the title for more information including a synopsis and links to official material. It has a number of options that you can adjust so that you can pull more or less titles. - Anime
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Old 2007-02-02, 07:47   Link #3
Slice of Life
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Then there is the monthwise calendar of

Note that anime with yet unknown airing time appear under January.
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Old 2007-02-02, 11:59   Link #4
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For Tv shows and what group is doing it.

Here for the japanese listing. It has Ovas, dvds and tv shows.
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Old 2007-02-06, 00:22   Link #5
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Thanks so much!
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Old 2007-02-07, 14:27   Link #6
Kaoru Chujo
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I also have a complete calendar of what's on right now, color-coded to show which shows started this season. And I think my pre-season blog post covered almost everything. The only things I leave out are shows definitely aimed at young kids.

There is also Mahou Showtime, which shows broadcast times and lists which season a show started in.

anidb's listing is excellent, but misleading because it lists so many shows with unknown start dates as starting in January.
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