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Old 2007-03-18, 20:23   Link #1
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kyoshiro to towa no sora

i've been tryin to dl this anime except that i was only able to dl the first 4 episodes and now by bitcomet won't allow the rest of the anime to dl...It's becoming very frustrating for me and i want to noe why it won't let me dl the rest of the episodes. It'll first dl up to a max of 2% of an episode and then totally fail with a red "x" on the left side of the file name....why does it do that?!?!?!? in any other anime it's never happened b4..

can some1 pls help me??
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Old 2007-03-19, 23:00   Link #2
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I'm going to copy and paste something I wrote in another post. I will bold the part that specifically pertains to your issue; if you have the time, please read the entire post. If not, the bold parts should clarify the issue:


Are you familiar with the way that BitTorrent works? If you are, you can skip my post. If not, I'll give you a brief overview that should clear this up for you (assuming you're not suffering a technical issue):

When you enter a torrent, your client has no data. It receives a list of users within the torrent (referred to as the "swarm") and begins requesting data. Clients that have the full file are referred to as "seeders" and in general they upload as much as they can to any client. Peers are clients that are actively downloading. Peers will send data to you, but generally they send more/faster if your client sends data to them. For this reason, unless a torrent is filled with many more seeders than peers, you'll find that torrents have to "accelerate" up to a good speed. You start out slowly because you have no completed data to trade; once your client can start trading, things start picking up.

What happens if there are no seeders? If all of the peers in the swarm could create the full file if they pooled their data, then the torrent will complete. What if they don't have enough data? Eventually, everyone in the torrent will reach the same percentage, and everything will stop - until a seeder, or a peer with missing data enters the swarm.

What happens if there are no peers or seeders? It's probably become evident by now that the data you're receiving comes from users within the swarm. If there's nobody in the swarm, you won't receive data. While it's possible that the torrent is empty (as is often the case with very old torrents, or very unpopular torrents), it's also possible that the tracker is having problems. The tracker is a server that keeps track of the users currently within the torrent swarm. It doesn't transmit any of the file data itself, but it transmits peer and seeder information to all clients involved. The clients can then contact each other and trade data.

Why is it that sometimes there are users, but no data is sent or received? Some users may not have properly configured their connections, and their ability to transfer data is hampered. It could also be a network issue, where they're simply unable to connect to you. It's also possible that you haven't properly configured your own client/connection.

If you're using a router, it's crucial that you ensure that you've set everything up properly. Otherwise, your performance will drastically be limited. The easiest solution is to enable UPnP support in your router, and then enable UPnP support in your client. This way, the client is able to communicate with the router and open the ports that it needs, only for as long as it needs it. It's more secure than manually forwarding ports from the router to your computer.
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Old 2007-03-20, 19:57   Link #3
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that explained a lot for me!!!!
thanx ^ . ^
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