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Kay Hearts
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Question Transference problem


Note: If you think thisīd fit better in the Bittorrent section, move it there, I just thought it had more in common with "downloading problems".

Note 1: This may seem a long post to some, but Iīm trying really hard to fix my problem and English is not my first language so I might be a little repetitive in some poins. Sorry in advanced about that.

Last time I think nobody understood what I was talking about ( ) ok forget that one and my mixed-up English, the problem seems to be another u_u

This time Iīll try to explain myself better (this time Iīm using pics too) so please if anybody knows or knows somebody with experience in d/līing with machintosh, Iīd be enormously greatful.

First of all, again, my computer is machintosh so everything looks a little different when using bittorent. Everything is simple, you just click on a bt link, put the file in the location you want it and thatīs all; you are downloading. My bittorrent was always like that up to two weeks ago. The problems again are slow speed (0.1 KiBs seems quite slow to me when commonly I had 10 when REALLY slow) and not being able to connect to peers in many other times.

Since my download window is also way too simple, I am basically "blind" in any other way inside BT. I cannot see IPīs from whom the peers are nor how much is missing from a file to everybody else so I uasually let downloads work for a complete day everytime seeding or first downloading. So this "simple-system" didnīt let me know what was happening until I found a site that lists all people downloading with details and everything, except complete IP, but of course I recognized mine. The thing is that mine was not sending any data!! (No, I didnīt made that on purpose, I donīt even know how!! T_T).Before that I just thought peers werenīt making use of my upload since they already had the file parts I had (yeah, Iīm stupid many times ŽŽ). I realized that if everybody else using a PC with a BT version which "sees" who is cooperating sharing files and who is not would surely block me and that would be a good reason for all my downloads to be either frozen or terribly slow.

I still have sometimes upload rates like 4.5, but it is quite strange and I usually sent much more before.

Resumed: What I want to know is how do I set back to normal my upload rate. Is it a problem that I may have caused changing something without knowing (Iīm so stupid so many times when it comes to computers) or is it my connection? I donīt have a problem with sharing, Iīve sometimes let my windows and reseedings opened for two days (my computer has to rest sometimes too). Ill be glad to be useful again for everyone or anyone while Iīm downloading something I just need how to fix everything back to normal.

Here pics of my windows and preferences:

just 3 peers apear to be connected (also my download and upload are frozen) while: We Suck page is says there are 30 ULīs and much more DLīs

Here is my preferences Window. Thatīs everithing about it, there are no more options. Originally "High Port" was set as 6889 but I changed it to 6999 when I read a response to other userīs problem here in animesuki.

Iīm sorry if Iīm actually asking something stupid u_u
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