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Old 2014-05-07, 01:22   Link #201
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Originally Posted by kukuru View Post
I'm not sure but I believe it applies to all 9 schools as to the "badge". Thus that's harder to work with as it's ingrained in a system that is out of reach by a single set.
Though each school can also.. SPOILERSPOILERSPOILERSPOILER
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Old 2014-05-07, 01:23   Link #202
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Originally Posted by Miraluka View Post
Sigh, was that a debate?
I saw brats from middle school with better arguments and exchange of ideas.

Yeah, I read the novel long ago and watching it on anime makes me remember how awful is the author when he focuses on social matters like discrimination and etc.

Poor buttmonkey Mibu the weakest among the students who wants a change vs "I don't a fuck, deal with it" Shiba Tatsuya who didn't even bat an eyelid.

Well, I never expected the author to seriously put both positions evenly so it's was obvious he had a tendency towards the conformist main character.

Better focus on your magic system and WB as long as it doesn't gets into social topics ever again.

Mayumi's position was full of bullshit, no different to a politician making promises before elections so to my eyes the students weren't sad or guilty but genuinely facepalming at her speech . Oh, Mayumi you're natsukashii but keep your mouth closed to no lose your charm please.

Blanche are quite incompetent but at least they stopped that joke of debate from being even more laughable so next week comes with the climax of this awful arc and then move on to the next story. Hope the animation delivers and cuts more of the usual "I'm doing this" speech from Tatsuya.
About the debate, I don't see it as the author is "trying to be smart" when it comes to discrimination, because he's really not trying to make a social stance or anything. And the course 2 students really do not have any reason other than that they are pissed off because of how some of the the Course 1 students treat them.

What I think the author us want to do is that there is no clear cut "black and white" (remember the slogan of Blanche?), and you cannot take things at their face-value easily.

Also, someone said that the discrimination is forced because the author wants to make us feel that Tatsuya is the "underdog". I have to disagree, because we and Tatsuya himself know that he doesn't feel weak, it's more of the "the wrong man at the wrong time and at the wrong place"
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Old 2014-05-07, 07:27   Link #203
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Saegusa's truly a lion in the podium... she's owning the whole stage
Tatsuya also has a perfect reasoning... Miyuki is going to have hard time to snatch Tatsuya if Saegusa somehow attracted to him
well, even though Tatsuya has pointed several flaws in that rebellion, it appears Course 2 Students are too naive

It is quite weird to see a terrorist attack in school (and full-attack too)

finally full-battle episode in next episode

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