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Originally Posted by Rainforce View Post
-young Trowa section is mostly about his self sacrifice sense
-Lady Une goes to find the Peacemillion but encounters nothing since it's buried and using Professor G's Jamming tech
-Alpha and Beta Heeros continue their training with Beta(original) always coming on top
-Doktor J wonders if this has something to do with memories so he downloads Beta's memory into Alpha.
-They almost get to the level of killing each other
-During this time Alpha passes his green tank top to Beta
-Doktor J is dissatisfied with the 2 still having emotions
-The 2 attack J and try to escape but the tank top had a shocking device and they fail
-J says the 2 felt the the taste of defeat and they realize how cheap their life is
-On the far side of the moon Duo, Liayoa and his 2 daughters plot Alliance assassination while eating Chinese food
-By chance Sally's mom is at the same place working for Nonnenheim
-Zechs and Erv were there too undercover by suggestion of Iria and Sally
-If they find Sally's mom they should activate their MS to rescue her
-They rescue her and then the Barton Foundation attacks
-She escapes guarded by the Gundams, Master O recognizes her as an ally
-Sally and her mom reunite only to Catherine to be sniped and killed immediately
Im sorry, I don't read the chapters or really follow FT, but how do you hide a shocking device on/in a tank top?

I literally choked on my drink reading that
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