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Old 2014-04-30, 13:41   Link #1
A fuckin' genius!
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Good Animes since last summer.

I would like to request a little bit of help.
Due to various reasons, I was unable to give proper attention to Animes and thus stopped watching them. However, now I want to pick up where I left.

The last season I followed was the summer season of 2013 (I think.) The one which featured the Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin Anime.

Cold someone, please, suggest good animes that have aired since then?
The genre doesn't really matter, or rather I can't really specify what I kind of Animes I like.

Just give your suggestion of the best Animes that have been on since then and I will go through them.

Thanks in advance.
If vegetarians care about the animals, then why are they eating all their food?
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Old 2014-04-30, 18:41   Link #2
AS Oji-kun
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Age: 64
My fall/winter choices were Kill la Kill, Log Horizon, and the last part of Space Brothers.

I also returned to watching last summer's Silver Spoon and would recommend that as well.
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Old 2014-05-01, 15:52   Link #3
A fuckin' genius!
Join Date: Dec 2006
Location: Here, there ... EVERYWHERE!
Age: 27
Thank you for the suggestions, I will try them out.

If there are other recent animes I should try, please let me know.
If vegetarians care about the animals, then why are they eating all their food?
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Old 2014-05-01, 18:29   Link #4
Senior Member
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Location: Austria
Fall 2013 was good with Slice of Life:

Gingitsune: An excellent shintoist anime that starts out rather conventional but really grows on you. Has retro vibes (reminded me a lot of the World Master Piece Theatre Style; but updated)

Non Non Biori: Renge, the pink-haired little girl, makes the show. Other than that it's great scenery porn. The rest of the cast is servicable enough.

The masterpiece of the season was a romance:

White Album 2: The anime to proof that love triangles can be done well. Excellent characterisation and a very tight plot, excellently portrayed.

Winter 2014 has no Masterpieces, but it has some very good shows:

Hoozuki no Reitetsu: is a slice-of-life comedy about the administration of Japanese hell. References to japanese mythology and current society, but also to world culture. Very dry humour.

Sekai Seifuku ~ Borakyu no Svezda: is an expertly executed show where a boy who runs away from home finds himself and ersatz family. They're trying to conquer the world. Well, nobody's perfect. The concept art makes it look more ecchi than it actually is. The drive is more heartwarming, but with a definite impish edge.

Mikakunin de Shinkokei: is a fairly standard romcom, but it's actually fairly well thought through and subtly presented. If you don't like the first episode you're unlikely to like the rest, but there are a few surprises along the way.


Mushishi - second season: If you've seen the first season, you know what to expect. If you haven't: episodic, low-key stories about "creatures" that represent the "essence of life". Very hard to describe and impossible to compare to anything else (at least for me).

Isshukan Friends: Being friends with someone whose memories of friendship reset every Monday.

Ping Pong: Awfully ugly but absolutely captivating. The title says it all. I don't normally watch sports anime, but this one's excellent.
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Old 2014-05-05, 05:23   Link #5
Moka vampire
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My favorites are Free! Iwatobi Swim Club, Kyoukai no Kanata and Magi: The labyrinth of magic ^^
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