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Old 2015-03-12, 14:32   Link #1521
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We have been playing a similar version of Jp Saki Riichi Mahjong for quite some time. I have recently bought an automatic mahjong table. I am hoping there is another person out there who has one as well so I could get some opinions on it.

One thing I noticed when changing to the tiles with magnets is their weight. Flipping them all at once should be considered a talent. Wondering if others are using trays ect..

Secondly, I have fear of motors overheating since heard four hours of Chinese mahjong would do that to a table..

Was wondering if there some provider out there to buy red dora tiles for my table?
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Old 2015-03-12, 15:24   Link #1522
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Originally Posted by Daisu View Post
Was wondering if there some provider out there to buy red dora tiles for my table?
Not that I know of. One thing I've done while playing Riichi with a set without red dora tiles, though, is to start with 2 dora revealed instead of 1. It's a bit different, but a similar effect.
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Old 2015-03-12, 18:04   Link #1523
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Back in my college we don't have a table, and we just plastered a clear tape on one of the 5 tiles of each set to indicate the red doras.
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Old 2015-03-23, 01:35   Link #1524
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......Got hit by a dealer Kokushi Musou. And that put me back at kyu1.

I am on an indefinite/extended leave. Comitting sudoku now.
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Old 2015-04-11, 12:37   Link #1525
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The most important game here is South-1 where for some reason they had to give me that guy's winning tile after he declares riichi. Tenhou be hating, but the last hand was cool even though the kan added unnecessary risk, but it gives me a chance to take 1st place regardless of who gives me the winning tile. If someone other than 1st discards it without a tsumo I'd still get 3 han 50 points = 6400 which is just enough to overtake 1st by 300. If 1st discards it, I win with just a riichi without the kan or vice versa however he has literally no reason to risk it with so few turns left-- if anyone discards it it'll be 4th because he has nothing to lose. I guess I'm lucky to have shared the winner with opposite side because I would be booted into 4th if I dealt into his hand. But since on new accounts only taking 1st actually does anything, might as well. Normally, I just would keep this in tenpai, not make a kan, and just toss it if needed to keep 2nd. But with 3rd place as the dealer, you never know.

Riichi+Kan, 3 han 50 fu =6400 (can win from anyone, self draw makes it a mangan)
Kan only, 2 han 50 fu = 3200 (Only if 1st deals in or I self draw, makes it 3 han 40 fu = 5200 and win by 400)
Riichi only, 3 han 40 fu =5200 (lose by 900 if anyone but 1st discards! I win if self draw)
No Riichi, No kan, 2 han 40 fu =2600 (Can't win even if 1st deals, we lose by 900)
No Riichi, No kan, self draw 3 han 30 fu = 2000 from dealer, 1000 from others) (We lose to 1st by 1100)
So yea, base points meant a damn for once.
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