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I was mostly assuming it was okay to talk about Railgun stuff too, since the Misaka clones are in this. Plus, isn't there a crossover between the railgun & accelerator mangas coming up too?

I just find it interesting that potentially, Accelerator & Mikoto may eventually be the heros instead of Touma if something external ends up forcing him into a villain role.
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Originally Posted by LevelSeven View Post
wasnt he simply reminded of him because he was the only other one that was able to go "though" his "barrier"?
Yeah. I'm not denying what you have to say. But he was indeed mentioned.

In the end, analysis that I feel is useful I'll put in. I wrote this here because I don't find the mangas as bad retcons and because I think that they can impact the world building or the main plot of the current LN's.

Just like how Railgun allowed for Misaki, I think this can allow for Estelle or something else to appear. And who knows, maybe down the line, Railgun stuff and Accelerator stuff will be more impactful in the main storyline.

For now though, I'm talking about what I hope for. There's too much cynicism about these manga on these boards. Sheesh. :>_<:
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