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Old 2015-04-30, 11:12   Link #6441
Shall we?
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Could we stop with the pointless debate?

While it's Chibiloli's full right to dislike Wing, I see little reason to state as much in a thread designed specifically to discuss it and Frozen Teardrop anyway.

Let us rather talk about the fact that the five "new" Gundams were around and being piloted pre-series already, but for some reason it still took Trowa and Quatre over a decade to write an OS for it. Because the original OS was gone. And apparently you can't use the OS of the other Gundams. For whatever reason.
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Old 2015-04-30, 17:24   Link #6442
Obelisk ze Tormentor
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Since I don't really follow FT lately, I gotta ask: beside the ridiculous big head, is there any other notable unique feature of the Sandrock-esque Gundam? Snow White and Warlock I already know enough, but not that guy. Sorry if it has been covered in previous pages.
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Old 2015-04-30, 19:05   Link #6443
Rising Dragon
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Beyond a different shape to its armor, no. All we know of it is that it's another Sandrock and has the exact same armaments.

We do not read FT for originality, after all.
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Old 2015-04-30, 19:44   Link #6444
Obelisk ze Tormentor
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That's too bad. Since Katoki is still credited as the mecha designer (is he?) I thought this "Sandrock" will be more than just a big head. Still, I heard Wyvern & Prometheus have neat features.
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Old 2015-04-30, 19:47   Link #6445
Rising Dragon
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Yeah, Prometheus... well, that's just another Heavyarms with somewhat-different armor, a shitload more missiles strapped onto it, and a big over-the-shoulder-slung cross-shaped gatling gun. It even has the same clown half-mask as the Heavyarms Kai Custom. It's no more original in scope than the Scheherazade is.

I haven't found any description or image hint of the Wyvern, and hell, I frequently keep forgetting the bloody thing exists.
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Old 2015-05-01, 17:02   Link #6446
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Originally Posted by Obelisk ze Tormentor View Post
I think Wing series’ story is still miles better than Victory, G-Reco, Destiny, AGE, and G Saviour. And sausage-fest is not really a problem coz at the end of the day, most of them are fully-realized characters, not just handsome faces slapped on the show. And if you have a good-looking cast why not exploit it? That’s marketing 101 right there. By your standard, SEED is also a sausage fest (remember ZAFT-boyband?) and even Gundam 00 is more of a sausage-fest than Wing yet the quality is up there among the best entries in the franchise. The TV series is good, Endless Waltz is good, and the GoL manga is good. It’s not perfect or great of course, but it did well.
I agree. I'm a fan of Saint Seiya which practically invented the notion of bi-shounen characters in a shounen series.

Also, calling Gundam Wing a sausagefest is no accurate in any way because that would indicate that the cast is mostly guys. G Gundam would be more like it since there were maybe 3 recurring female characters, but Wing has a lot of big player females characters, and more than SEED, Destiny, AGE, and Buid Fighters.
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Old 2015-05-02, 23:24   Link #6447
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Anyway here's the latest FT chapter:

-Holo Zechs fires the Babel's Zwölf Zwerg at Relena City(the fortress becomes a dodecahedron in this configuration)
-Relena City puts up the most powerful shield on Mars: Ciel Shield
-To no avail since a large part of the city is hit and thousands die
-Noin orders a flying boat carrying 12 Merciless Fairies Spade MS to retaliate but she has no chance against Babel's own army of 700 Virgo IVs
-Just then Quatre appears in the Grand Chariot, he was in a coma due to the Black Wing Zero attack. Catherine still hasn't recovered. He offers help to Noin.
-Noin was just about to send the Fairies when Relena appeared and ordered her to stop fighting. Criying, Relena admits her complete pacifism ideal has just killed thousands of innocents.
-Relena decides to surrender to Lanagrin but Quatre mentions she doesn't have her full memories yet and that could affect the decision she's taking now. Other characters feel betrayed and want to fight.
-Relena howevers wants the dissolution of the Mars Federation for her surrender, Holo Zechs accepts but wants war reparations and a war tribunal to judge her.
-Heero, Relena and Noin travel in the Voyage to sign the treaty inside Babel, Noin is afraid Relena is gonna get a death sentence in the tribunal. If so only Heero will be able to kill her or else PPP will activate killing all the population.
-Heero has just analyzed the true Zechs Archive files and says Relena should do the same to recover her full memories. Relena dons the VR helmet for the sake of mankind.
-Relena needs time to recover her memories meanwhile Heero mentions the events he learned: Van is a Spare and the Nonnenheim Conzern is behind it all. Noin feels disgusted, her mother(Vannozza) fled Mars with her because of her father's abuse. Vannozza was Nonnenheim's second wife, the first had died along Angelina in the bomb attack. Vannoza died during the travel to Earth, there Noin found refuge with old relatives.
2)AC 187
-Noin, Zechs and Erv receives to missions from Ein. These were give by the ZERO System
-1st mission is to stop MO VII from falling into Mars. Zechs and Erv go, Noin doesn't want to return to Mars. The duo doesn't arrive in time and the asteroid falls on Mars causing the beginning of the terraforming of the planet(Nonnenheim was behind the drop, after that he built the Lanagrin Republic in the impact's crater that formed a sea)
-2nd mission is to help with the rebel uprising in the L1 Colony. The rebels only had 5 Tragos(here confirmed to stand for the Capricorn constellation) and Treize made short work of them using Leo IIIs. Once again Noin is Treize's captive, he tries to convince her to return to OZ. In the process Treize received news of Angelina's death and thinks it was his fault. Actually this was an elaborate plan to make Treize not be there during the bombing since his existence was vital to humankind. ZERO made this decision and Ein sorrowfully accepted the death of his true love in exchange of having his son live for the future of mankind. The hospital bombing was a turning point in the lives of 2 individuals: Treize's(his sense of expiation comes from this event) and Dixneuf's(his desire of revenge at any cost was born from this).
-Noin recovers from the flashback and questions if ZERO is toying with humanity. Heero says not even the Space Heart and ZERO can solve everything, people's action are what matters in the end.
-Heero changes the subject to Noin rejoining OZ, she says she rejoined after the bombing but didn't see Zechs and Erv for 3 years until AC190. Noin watched as Relena experienced the past
4)AC 188, Spring
-L4 Colony, Zechs and Erv had returned from Mars in 200 days long trip. They meet Zayed Winner who managed the long distance travel business when suddenly his 8 years old activated the Sheherazade with no permission. Erv piloted Prometheus to try to stop him but Quatre destroyed the Cross Gatling ending up knocked in the cockpit. Afterwards the 2 MS were safely delivered to the spaceport, Zayed berated Quatre but Zechs intervened.
5)AC 188, Summer
-A young Duo returned to the ruins of the Maxwell Church.
-A few kms from the Church, Ein was in his underground bunker with the ZERO computer when rebels attacked the above Alliance HQ. A shot from a Tragos hit the building causing Ein to be trapped under the debris. ZERO knew but didn't tell him. Ein couldn't do anything besides accepting his death. The computer showed EINSAM in the display. The word means lonely in German but was actually the junction of Ein and SAM. Ein dies happily having saved Treize while the ZERO computer shuts down. ZERO laid dormant in every computer through the internet until it was awakened later. SAM is the prototype ZERO System AI and was last seen in action during AC 197, impeding the activation of the PPP.
6)AC 188, Fall
-L4 Colony: Zechs and Erv had stayed with the Winners until the Barton Foundation instigated rebellions across all colonies. The duo were asked to return to the L1 Colony and join the rebels. Zayed asked them to escort Iria to the L1 Medical Facilities so she could recycle some experiment samples, they comply without knowing this action would forever change their lives.
-L3 Colony, X18999 Colonial Satellite: Quinze leads 8 Tragos to kill Septem against Noin and Treize using Leo IIIs. A young Heero fires a rocket at the command center but Treize takes the hit.
-Odin fails to assassinate Septem and flees. When he's about to detonate the arsenal Dekim appears and shoots him. Heero arrives a few moments later, Odin says he enjoyed being with him before finally dying. Heero takes the switch and completes the mission. Septem activates the weather system to counter the fire. Heero meets Doctor J in the rainy streets. Treize is taken to a hospital where he meets Leia Barton.
-Heero notices an enemy in the radar, Noins puts the video on the monitor: it's the Prometheus flying while carrying the Cross Gatling. Phobos says he was born a terrorist and is not interested in politics so he won't allow Relena to leave. Phobos prepares to attack.
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Old 2015-05-05, 12:32   Link #6448
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Thank you for the summary!

Btw, wasn't it Dixneuf's lover the one who died at the same explosion than Angelina and Vingt... And not... His mother? That's what I understood from "Preventer 5" prequel (from the Chinese translation).

Other than that, there is more sense in this chapter than previous ones, I wonder if after Relena sees the complete files and recover her memories will remain a Peacecraft or will go back to Darlian.

I would expect Duo Jr joining Phobos, too.
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gundam wing

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