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Old 2011-08-27, 09:31   Link #121
Needs More DPS
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At this point, I can gladly say no.

I decided to stop watching crappy shows that were only watched for the purpose of rage.
I don't want to become the same as the others
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Old 2011-08-27, 11:34   Link #122
Obelisk ze Tormentor
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Originally Posted by DonQuigleone View Post
A lot of Anime are better when marathoned. When you only watch an episode every week you lose track of things.

I'll stand by describing Anime as being "like books" where every episode is like a chapter. Sometimes you come across a book you get really into and you just want to keep going, and sometimes you just get bored of reading and you decide instead to play computer games.

Well, I didnít say anywhere in my post that marathoning an anime series is wrong. When I say that ďwe originally meant to watch 1 eps of a show a weekĒ, I actually refer to the casual anime viewers (as we were) before being introduced to the net or many types of anime home-videos. Thatís why I add 'originally' in my previous post. Iím not saying that your capability in watching 50 eps a week is a bad thing either. Itís just different from me and some other anime lovers. For me, 20 eps a week is max coz I'm buzy with other things.

What I wanted to say is that overexposure of anything (in this case, anime)(once again, drugs aside) will result with the do-ers become bored/ jaded (at some point). After all, our human subconscious long for variety in life.
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Old 2011-11-15, 23:46   Link #123
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I rebut my previous statement in this thread. I have to say it's been extremely hard for me to enjoy anime these days. Many of the older seiyuu that I've grown up with are getting married, thus leading to lesser roles in favor of newer untalented seiyuu that become popular due to the fact that they're younger. The Japanese entertainment industry doesn't have any brains anymore. Now, all of a sudden, it seems age equals talent when it comes to voice acting. That's disgusting.

And another thing, this is something that's not quite new, but there are too many shows that try to be what's popular. Only now, a lot of the newer carbon copies of Gundam, Strike Witches, Ruroni Kenshin and the like all range from mediocre to just plain bad.
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Old 2011-11-16, 18:59   Link #124
Love Yourself
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I feel badly that I missed this thread the first time around; I made a similar thread a few months ago.

Yes, anime has become harder to watch as I age. I started onto fansubs near the end of high school, and used to watch nearly everything that was subbed. Part of it was the newness of it all, but a larger part is that I was simply more open to everything. Even now, I've recently tried going back to series that I really loved and haven't seen in close to ten years, and I can't get past the first few episodes. It's not that I'm bored because I remember everything that will happen, it's just no longer compelling enough for me to continue viewing.

One large part of anime's appeal was the character interactions. I didn't have many lady friends and had no dating experience, so the male/female interactions in anime tickled something inside of me. I still enjoy it, but after I started dating the enjoyment diminished. And then there's this:

Originally Posted by GundamFan0083 View Post
I'd have to say no.
The reason is I'm not an anime fan per se to begin with.
I'm a Science-Fiction fan, and anime just happens to create some of the best SF stories out there.
I found anime to be somewhat awe-inspiring in its creativity. I loved the science fiction, and aspired to make certain concepts reality some day. Random science terms that were thrown around in shows sent me scurrying to look them up, and I delighted in trying to fit them into the show and link them to reality.

I progressed through high school into college, and from college to graduate school in biological research. Upon review, science fiction concepts that once wowed me now seem outlandish and ridiculous. I have difficulty suspending my grounding to reality and perhaps as a result can't simply enjoy the fictional aspects for being fictional. Those scientific terms that were once unknown and excited me are now known, and I immediately spot them as often being out of place and ridiculous in their mention.

It's really bizarre to consider. Back in high school, my room was adorned with anime wall scrolls. My first college dorm had two entire walls wallpapered with anime posters. I always figured that my eventual house would be decorated similarly. It's only been 7-8 years since that time, but there's not a single trace of anime in my current apartment, nor were there any in the past three apartments that I occupied.

Every now and then, perhaps out of nostalgia, I download an older series that I knew of but never viewed and try to watch it. I've even gotten pretty far on some of them. Yet in the past three years, I think I've only actually finished one series. I find it fascinating how anime used to be such a large part of my life and world views, and now it's barely a part of my life. It's a change that I could have never predicted, and I still puzzle over it at times. Perhaps some day in the future I'll get back into anime, but I'm content to fondly look back on my anime-watching days and simply reminisce, even if I'm not watching anything or keeping up with the current anime series and culture.
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Old 2011-11-17, 15:03   Link #125
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No, not in the slightest. Well it's just that for some anime, I just wait for some of it to finish rather than wait on a weekly basis. Currently my watching schedule doesn't interrupt my everyday life so, no, it hasn't gotten hard for me to enjoy it to its fullest.
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Old 2011-11-17, 15:24   Link #126
Needs More DPS
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If anything, I've been watching even more anime. Fall has like 3x the rate I usally watch, even if some of them sucked. But even something like Majikoi isn't a complete waste of time so I am very happy.
I don't want to become the same as the others
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Old 2011-11-17, 17:22   Link #127
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In a way it's become harder for me to enjoy anime, as I can no longer tolerate stuff that I would have lapped up in my teenage years. I can no longer enjoy a post-Shana J.C Staff show, for instance, even something I would have enjoyed back in ~2008. Also shonen, I can't really enjoy any shonen anymore.

Conversely, exploring different things and finding out what appeals to me allows me to enjoy things I never would have considered watching a couple of years ago, such as Pretty Cure, Penguindrum, Shiki, ef...

So it's a double edged sword really, but one I'd gladly hold.
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Old 2011-11-17, 17:40   Link #128
Beryl Black
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I'm enlightened to see I'm not the only one finding it difficult. As for my reasons as to why its gotten difficult for me, I can't tolerate the ecchi anymore. It truly gets tiring watching the random perverse scenes, especially since they've become more frequently appearing over time. As for my other reason, I have a difficult time finding animes I like, let alone manga series to.
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Old 2011-11-24, 23:00   Link #129
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As for my other reason, I have a difficult time finding animes I like, let alone manga series to.
I feel you with that, there are some anime I absolutely LOVE and a lot I'm kinda turned off by (artificial character interactions, pointless ecchi, awkward voice acting etc). In a way I prefer it, to me it's like having a few close friends rather than a ton of acquaintances. I'm a fan of "less is more", diggin really deep into my favorites.

Also I relate to the people who're generally turned off by the high school anime vibe going on now. One thing I love about anime is its way to be creative and unique through its medium. The possibilities are endless: environment, characters, weapons, story, and the "trippy factor" haha. I think it's healthy for the imagination; so I'm a little baffled why a lot of "normal" high school shows are really popular. And of course, I don't mean to start an argument, if you dig those kinds of shows then go for it!
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Old 2011-11-25, 09:24   Link #130
Paranoid Android
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I can't tolerate cliche and unoriginality. So um... VERY HARD ;________________; I still watch anime for the sake of watching but there's not a single one I actually liked in the past two years.

The last thing I watched that I thought was 'different' and interesting was Welcome to the NHK (but the manga was mind rape).

Can't really blame them as it is hard to break out of the box after 4878582 themes/settings have already been used hundreds of times.


Then there's the anime like [C] that try too hard.
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