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Old 2016-06-14, 08:49   Link #1
Takao Tsundere Cruiser
Join Date: Oct 2008
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Ane Naru Mono (The Sister of the Woods With a Thousand Young)

Adapted from the doujinshi series of the same name, The Sister of the Woods with a Thousand Young is a heart-warming story of how a neglected orphan, Yuu, has been blessed with the offering of a wish by a demon, and he simply asks her to become his older sister.

Basically the plot of a young orphan boy disliked by his other family members, makes a wish with Shub-Niggurath to make her his older sister. Cue some cuteness and eroticism.
Also, this manga was originally a two part Hentai doujin(Yes, really! ) before getting a non-H serialization.

So far, 3 chapters are out and i like it.
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Old 2016-06-14, 11:41   Link #2
The One Above God
Join Date: May 2014
Location: I'm Everywhere
This is actually pretty sweet. Both versions are .

"I'll destroy that illusion!"
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Old 2016-06-14, 21:08   Link #3
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Cuthulhu, Nyarlathotep, and now Nub Shiggurath, what's with people and their desire to turn cosmic horrors whose physical form can render the viewer incurably insane into likable and even cute characters?
Don't get me wrong i really like this.
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Old 2016-06-14, 23:54   Link #4
Join Date: Jan 2004
Was a gigantic surprise when I learned this was getting serialized. So far I like how it's turning out. I hope they go outside and interact with outside people eventually. Maybe even run into that bitch aunt.
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ecchi, manga, supernatural

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