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Old 2003-11-16, 00:09   Link #1
Sailor Stardream
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Unhappy Yay... yet another confusing issue... sorry to annoy the forum! ^_^;;

Okay... I have followed the step-by-step process, and my speed is still slow... I see someone is dling alot so I closed the client down, and restarted the process to dling, but I still only hit a maxium of 0-5kB/s. I waited from 30mins to 8 hours and there was no difference. I looked to see if I had a firewall up on BOTH my connection and my computer, I don't. I seem to be uploading MUCH more then I am recieving, I have tried to reset the settings to be about 1/3 for my asymetical connection as described on the step-by-step guide so kindly posted by Flash Squirrel, and I do realize that it is a bit of an "older" file for Naruto 2-4 in a folder... but should it really be this slow? Even when you have 11 seeds and only 7 apparent leechers? Also... how many clients should one have? It states "If your download is slow, you can check here if someone is using all the UL bandwidth.
Don't worry, if you see that there is someone who is Downloading really fast, just close the Client, open it again, and let the Tracker connect to other Clients, or just wait a few moments."
Which is the statement that leads me to believe you should have several clients available.
Sorry for the trouble...
***Sailor Star Dream ^_^***
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Old 2003-11-16, 02:13   Link #2
Insane AI
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This might help.

Are you using a router to share a high speed connection on a local network? If you are, most routers have a built in firewall. You can adjust it through your internet browser by typing the base ip address for your network. ( so if your ip is, then the router is Type in the admin password and there should be an option somewhere to open specific ports on the router's firewall. Open the ports that bittorrent uses and it should dramatically increase your download speed. Anyway thats how I got it to work on my machine, hope this helps.
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Old 2003-11-16, 04:27   Link #3
*Kyuuketsuki Otaku*
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Better yet if you have an linksys router you could put your computer in the DMZ zone, goto to the routers admin, goto advance options in the DMZ text box put in your computers IP address. Then goto and Download their free version of Syagte Personal firewall. Configure the firewall to allow the BT client Application unlimited access. Your BT downloads speeds should be higher then before.

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