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Old 2011-11-05, 12:10   Link #4761
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Originally Posted by Aya Reiko View Post
OT: But who's your avatar? Me and apparently several other people want to know.
Looks like Sena (Meat) from Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai (Haganai).

As for rating the winners based on my personal view on moe (skipping Riku and Rosemary since I don't know them well enough):

1. Sakura - the original and still the best
2. Azusa - remembering my angel's victory last year helped me through dark times
3. Nanoha - the young one, not the older one
4. Taiga - being from a romance story helps build character
5. Mami - a slightly different type, but still good
6. Rika - a feel good story, but not my top choice even within the series
7. Kagami - should've been Tsukasa instead
8. Suiseiseki - too much meme
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Old 2011-11-05, 12:31   Link #4762
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Too bad Kyoko didn't win, she's cute and independent. Mami is still a good win even though the lack of a good head on her shoulders will now be remembered in the history books and forever be used for amusement in followup years.
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Old 2011-11-05, 12:51   Link #4763
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Originally Posted by Xellos-_^ View Post
Rika was what i called the "Not the most popular but least hated" champion.

And the aftermath of the Rika/Nagi vote was when 2ch started mass banning foreign ip. Up to that point they were trying to make it easier for foreigners to vote. One of the organizers form 2ch posted in the AS saimoe thread that year.
They must have been so butthurt XD. Nipah bitches! They were just overwhelmed by this

Not to mention one of the greatest VA's ever.

Anyhow Mami won? Has everyone lost their heads?

Well, congrats anyways; someone here needs to hand her the award now.
We've even brought a coffin. It's a little small, so deal with it.
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Old 2011-11-05, 13:35   Link #4764
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Originally Posted by Ithekro View Post
Soooo, is it a bad thing that Mami didn't beat Ayumu "Osaka" Kasuga's 2002 losing numbers to win Saimoe this year?

But still, first D+ cup victory in Saimoe, marking an end to the DFC domination. Which actually makes you wonder. Was he DFC domination really a Japan thing, or was it the foreigners?
Good point. I am now convinced that the foreigner fans have a higher percentage of lolicon compared to the Japanese fans, at least at the current moment
Now for next year, I am very excited to see what will be up. There will be many returnies and also new blood. Will they change the voting rule to let foreigners put in some votes again? Even though happy with the result this year, I am concerned about the low number of votes. . Hopefully, the organizers will figure something out. Anyway, until next year.
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Old 2011-11-05, 14:04   Link #4765
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So it ended up being my least fav. Madoka character afterall. Oh well, there is always next year.
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Old 2011-11-05, 14:08   Link #4766
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Well Mami won, a win for the boobs.

Seriously though, personally IMO, it was an OK tourney, outside of PMMM domination.

As a winner, Mami is about middle of the list for me.

My personal ranking would be: (looks fun)

1. Suiseiseki (-desu)
2. Azusa (-nyan)
3. Sakura (extra point for being the original even though I was more of Tomo fan)
4. Kagami (Waifu material, 'nuff said
5. Riku (Waifu material)
6. Mami (D-cup power)
7. Rika (cute, very cute, but I just like others girls better)
8. Nanoha (Again, nothing wrong with her, but I just like Fate more)
9. Rosemary (Waifu material but didn't stand out for me)
10. Taiga (A bit too much tsun and not enough dere, though Angel Taiga would get her moves up)
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Old 2011-11-05, 14:13   Link #4767
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Saddest part was the less than 1000 final. Last under 1000 match was 2004, but this is still something to eye on. Then again, it was a same series match, so it would be restricted in that point of view. Will Japan open up or restrict it even more next year? Will there even be one next year? Time will tell.
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Old 2011-11-05, 14:42   Link #4768
The Comet IS Coming
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It would be nice to have 2006 demographic numbers to see what was going on at Saimoe's hieght (before seemingly any bans, and while 4chan was trolling). But 2007 numbers will do. I assume that take into account everybody (Europe, Americans, China, Korea, Asia, where ever that is not Japan). Though I image some foreigners were able to get Japanese IP, but not many (the ones in Japan for business or pleasure).

The numbers suggest that at the high points the foreign voters were between 30-36% of the vote, and over 800 voters from time to time. Likely the regulars were maybe 500 voters. But in this year's Saimoe, 500 would dominate pretty much any match and still be between 30 and 36% of the vote. Add 500 to the highest scoring match this year and that vote would be 27% of the total...and we can assume part of Makoto's votes were foreign to start with (aside from the reported cheating)...the ones that slipped through, which is probably less than a 100. Might even be less that 30. Yet the foreigners also split their votes so that wouldn't generally be the issue. it would still cause some more movement and change results as seen in 2007 by the little differences.

But also very notable using the high point 2007 number...half the Japanese voters are gone, in addition to the foreigner IP bans. This basically cuts Saimoe to a third of its voter base.

Maybe it was just a bad year for moe in general. Or maybe the Earthquake did more than we imagine to the otaku/2ch community. Japan will recover...but will Saimoe recover?

Maybe with the mass veterans coming next year added to the seeming large moe shows they'll have an upswing. Otherwise...I'm going to remain a bit depressed based on numbers. As it doesn't feel right with what seems like only a third of the votes (or less) coming in.
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Old 2011-11-05, 15:46   Link #4769
Team M.Y.T.Hi.C.
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For those asking earlier:

saimoe reporter volume 2 (covering AST 2011) posters and charts posters and charts

See you next year!

Last edited by frustra; 2011-11-05 at 16:04.
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Old 2011-11-05, 16:42   Link #4770
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Originally Posted by Aya Reiko View Post
OT: But who's your avatar? Me and apparently several other people want to know.
Sena from BokuTomo.
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Old 2011-11-05, 16:54   Link #4771
Aya Reiko
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At least this year the mods didn't have to introduce anyone to my favorite friend, deadly neurotoxin, this year. My Top 8

1. Mami (D Cup ♪)
2. Nanoha (Give her and her wife time...)
3. Suiseiseki (Trickers = Awesomeness. The Staircase War immortalized her.)
4. Kagami (Waifu Material)
5. Rika
6. Azusa
7. Sakura (Down here in a "Seinfeld is Unfunny" kind of way...)
8. Taiga (Never was big on Rie Tsunderes)
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Old 2011-11-05, 16:57   Link #4772
Not Enough Sleep
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only undertaker has Riku on his list

No one else seen DNAngel?
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Old 2011-11-05, 18:44   Link #4773
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My favorites
1. Sakura- still the greatest all time moe
2. Azu-nyan- one of the few no doubters. One of the few times saimoe got it right
3. DESU- it needs more desu
4. Mami- the cake is not a lie
5. Rika- nipah~
6. Nanoha- Fate should have won
7. The one from 2004- no idea who she is
7. The one from 2003- no idea who she is
9. Kagami- I don't like her, but she finishes ahead of Taiga because she is not Rie
10. Taiga- dark times for saimoe.
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Old 2011-11-05, 18:50   Link #4774
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Since I don't know about most previous AST champions (and series), I'm not able to state who's my fav champion.

By the way, belated congrats to Mami that crowned the championship of AST 2011, despite I don't like their 'imbalanced' domination on this year.
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Old 2011-11-05, 18:53   Link #4775
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Hopefully next year will be much more enjoyable for me. Buuuut, since I love making lists, here's my own personal champ ranks.

1. Nanoha (My favourite character in all entertainment media. Sadly, she gets overshadowed far too much by her series co-star.)
2. Sakura (Probably my favourite character before Nanoha came along. Most of these characters now can thank her for paving the way for current generation moe traits.)
3. Taiga (Another one of my favourites, and sorely under-appreciated around here. She's a relatively realistic portrayal of the tsundere archetype and turns out quite well in the end.)
4. Rika (Definitely one of my favourite "heroes" in anime, after season 2.)
5. Kagami (She's half of what made Lucky Star a good show for me. There are very few other characters who can fit the tsukkomi role in comedy anime so well.)
6. Suiseiseki (Not even my favourite character in her own series, but she provided a great deal of laughs, so I have to give her props.)
7. Riku (I remember watching DN Angel forever and a day ago, and I found Riku to be quite cute.)
8. Azusa (Vastly overrated, but still vastly adorable.)
9. Mami (She's good for the type of character she is, but she didn't make enough of an impact on me in the few episodes she had.)
10. Rosemary (Never saw the show, so she's at the bottom by default.)

Best character to never win: Nagi Sanzenin
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Old 2011-11-05, 18:56   Link #4776
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Originally Posted by Zeroryoko1974 View Post
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Heh, no good end for Lancer, how surprising.
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Old 2011-11-05, 19:01   Link #4777
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You want my opinion? Of course you don't. Therefore, I'll post it.

1. Taiga
2. Suiseiseki
3. Rika
4. Azusa
5. Kagami
6. Mami

Not ranking Saimoe I didn't witness, since I'm ranking >that feel when the tournament ended, not the characters.

Never forget
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Old 2011-11-05, 19:12   Link #4778
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Originally Posted by frustra View Post

That being said in that final Nagi had 366 foreign votes to go with 1133 JP votes. Rika? 424 foreign, 1097 JP.

For the highest scoring one-on-one match that year (Kagami vs. Rena)

Rena: 446 foreign / 1455 JP
Kagami: 422 foreign / 1346 JP
Thanks for the info! From those figures, it's clear that foreign voters can swing matches, but generally only if Japan doesn't have a huge favorite anyway.

So yeah, blocking foreign fans from voting forever does seem like an overreaction to me.

Originally Posted by Wanderer View Post

Oh. Oh. This is fun. Let's rank Saimoe winners. I'll skip Riku and Rosemarry since I haven't seen their series, but here's mine:

1. Kagami (Waifu material)
2. Sakura
4. Mami
5. Rika (Not my favorite from the series, but glad Higurashi won one)
6. Taiga
7. Azusa (She's cute, nyah, but never liked how she usurped Mio's role)
8. Nanoha
I'll skip Riku and Rosemary as well since I haven't seen their series either.

1. Nanoha - My favorite anime character of all-time. Period. Also very moe, imo.
2. Rika - I loved her in Higurashi Kai in particular. Excellent character. Very moe in some scenes.
3. Mami - Just very good, all-around, solid moe. Loved her theme song and personal style. Love the fact she's well-endowed, but not beyond my personal upper limit.
4. Sakura - Extremely moe. Probably the most kawaii character on this list, going by that alone. Not quite as well-rounded as Mami for me, though.
5. Azusa - I like K-On!! a fair bit, and I like Azusa well enough. Not my favorite even in her own show, though.
6. Desu - Great meme, decent character, comes from a good show. Slightly above average moe, imo.
7. Kagami - Nothing wrong with her. Just never got into Lucky Star that much.
8. Taiga - Sorry Taiga fans, but most Type A tsunderes just don't do it for me. I don't hate her though.
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Old 2011-11-05, 19:14   Link #4779
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Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
1. Nanoha - My favorite anime character of all-time. Period. Also very moe, imo.
This really made my day. Thank you. Let's hope second season gets a movie so she can return.
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Old 2011-11-05, 19:23   Link #4780
Not Enough Sleep
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Originally Posted by Seishi View Post

Best character to never win: Nagi Sanzenin

the Best Character to Have not won is Fate and Gin.
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