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Exclamation Fan Creation Forum Rules and Index

Welcome to the Fan Creations forum, a mysterious place where artists from all over the world lurk. You'll find here sketches, digital artwork, scribbles, fan arts, and all other sorts of creations. Just remember to thoroughly read the rules below before you start posting.
The Rules
  1. Constructive criticism only
    Artists don't post their art here to receive a bunch of "wow! It's incredible!" posts. They post here expecting people to help them improve their skills, and eventually learn new techniques. Each time you criticize someone's work, please remember to be constructive. For those who don't know, "constructive" literally means "to promote improvement or development".

  2. Keep all your creations organized in one thread
    Do not start new threads for multiple creations on the same day. Instead, post them all in one unique thread to avoid a potential forum flood.

  3. Link directly to your art/drawings
    Please link to an uploaded version of your work instead of to a page (e.g. DevianART). The main reasons being some pages expire while some others require registration.

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SOTM 2008 - July (Seasons) - Entry Phase, Voting Phase (Winner: Riker and Ice Climbers)
SOTM 2008 - June (NonHuman) - Entry Phase, Voting Phase (Winner: Ice Climbers)
SOTM 2008 - May (Despair/Sorrow) - Entry Phase, Voting Phase (Winner: KiNA)
SOTM 2008 - April (Dress Code: Female: Elegant/Ceremonial) - Entry Phase, Voting Phase (Winner: Klashikari)
SOTM 2008 - March (Female Combatants) - Entry Phase, Voting Phase (Winner: Sephi)
SOTM 2008 - February (Ecchi) - Entry Phase, Voting Phase (Winner: Sephi)

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