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Sunder the Gold
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Originally Posted by Ledgem View Post
From a pure strategic standpoint you're right, but Cyan Pile's involvement was a bit more meaningful than that. My memory of that scene is hazy, but Cyan Pile used the forbidden technique to create a blade, didn't he? Dusk Taker attempted to steal it, noting its power and appearance, yet he wasn't able to because it was a part of Cyan Pile's psyche. That represented an important part of Taku's character development, but it also represented something else: that Noumi couldn't take everything, and that for his seemingly invincible avatar and ability, he was very limited in other ways (personality, psychology).
Takumu's character development means little if it never allows him to accomplish anything. His sword was enough to best Noumi at swordmanship, but Noumi won the duel when he stopped fighting like a swordsman.

Make no mistake, Takumu LOST that fight, and if not for Silver Crow managing to break free and Black Lotus arriving, Cyan Pile would have been erased from the Accelerated World.

And Cyan Pile has not accomplished even one thing of note since that time.

It was completely unimportant that Takumu revealed a limitation to Demonic Commandeer, considering that Dusk Taker was erased in the very same battle where that information was made clear. Since the information could never be useful again, it wasn't very valuable.

It certainly wouldn't have been useful against Silver Crow, had Crow fought Dusk Taker from the start. If Taker couldn't steal the Pile Driver, there's no way he could steal the Gale Thruster, and Crow had nothing else worth stealing.

And I could be remembering things wrong, but I believe Noumi himself had already said he was limited in the number of stolen powers he could retain, or at least implied as much.

I at least remember being totally unsurprised when Cyan Pile announced that fact. Indeed, I was more surprised that Noumi seemed to have forgotten the limits of his own power.
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