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Old 2012-09-12, 22:05   Link #1
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Ore to Ichino no Game Doukoukai Katsudou Nisshi [Light Novel]

Author: Hamura Tetsu 叶村哲
There's also a manga version of this, but since I never read it...*shot*
Description taken from mangaupdates

A romantic comedy involving Souji Shirosaki a student, who is in high school, whose personality can not leave out people in need. And Ichino Moritsuka, 16, a friend in the same class as Souji, who lives alone in an apartment near the mountains. Together, they discover they have strange psychic powers, founding a club game.

Well I felt the description didn't really describe the whole story well, but anyone read this?

Cover -
Vol 7
Vol 3
Vol 2
Vol 4
Vol 6
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Old 2013-05-04, 09:20   Link #2
somewhere in the armory
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saw the manga version tho. dunno if anyone read this.
lets roll
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Old 2013-05-04, 10:06   Link #3
Reek of Blood
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This is fairly recent, but I'm starting to seriously dislike the amount of LN with this kind of eroge-like story. Sure, not every of them is bad (e.g. fate zero) but when every second LN is shonen harem comedy 101 or I wanna bang my blood or nonblood related oniichan 9001, I say theres a problem with this medium. And wtf is with the trend with longass names and !, ? And other pointless punctuations.

Yeah every medium has tropes, but I'm finding LNs have the set of tropes and types of plot and writing that I feel as if it came from BAD quality fanfiction. It really is that atrocious at times. And it baffles me to no end that many of them get adapted as of lately, considering that many of animes that i dropped recently were derived from LNs
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Old 2013-05-04, 10:21   Link #4
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^Well, truthfully, it has more to do with the "degeneration" of LN that has been happening since Haruhi became a boom in 2006. Adaptation into anime actually have been around way long before the term "Light Novel" coined into them. Y'know? The time when stuffs like Bungaku shoujo, Kino no Tabi, slayers, and seikai no senki were kicking ass and did not reek of your so-called eroge-like story.

Oh, and if you want to direct your anger, better do so towards certain group of readers in Japan and society that has formed such group rather than wasting your energy like this
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