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fallen sovereign
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Wuxia Novels being dropped because it contains Racism??

Otherworldly Evil Monarch.
World of Deamons and Gods ( didn't read this one) .
both dropped by their own respective translators.
Why...???? Racism ...???
yes...but what caused this feelings of Racism ..???
Are the reasons behind these act of racism just and true...???
yes......history says so at least.
hell....can these even be called Racism ....???
When it comes to me .... don't think so..!

actually ....I got nothing to say in response .... to the translators. What thay can or cannot do is up to them.

But...but...when they pick up something like this ....they too are using something that doesn't belong to them, and when they work on it they should prepare to face everything in it.
I can't understand, just what is wrong with translating something that is the truth ....???

and...who am I to tell them that...!!!!
I'm just a leacher.

Actually .... I myself live in a country that suffered similar ways in 1971 by a certain country P ....I can relate and understand with the authors feelings.
I can also understand how those feelings would effect his works, if he suffered something firsthand, as he was a Soldier himself an all.
And I don't think it would do any justice to the authors feelings if his works gets dropped or criticized just because he expressed his grief in his won way, which is writing.
but ...I'll also respect the translators decision.
And I hope someone with a broader mindset could pick up such great piece of work.
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dropped, racism, wuxia

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